If you are seeking professional registration you will need to demonstrate your ability to meet competences described in the Engineering Council’s UK-SPEC. UK-SPEC is made up of five high-level competence requirements (A – E). All applicants must demonstrate an adequate level of specialist mechanical. Use the best examples from all your MPDS reports to show how you have met the competence. Remember: you must edit your application form before you press.

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Building your career

Consequently, our membership is open to all engineers who can demonstrate an adequate mechanical engineering involvement and personal contribution in at least one of each of the following areas:. Career developer Career developer is an online tool which helps you plan, record and review your experience throughout your career.

Don’t worry if your qualifications imexhe appear to meet the requirements, you may be able to undertake a period of Further learning to top up your formal qualifications or there may be another appropriate route for you.

How do I access my online account?

The programme provides the tools, support and guidance you need to achieve professional registration as efficiently as possible, in a flexible framework that fits around your schedule. Find out about MPDS.

Keep your report between words. If i,eche need a bit more clarification from your mentor, you can always ask for more feedback. Career development with Career Developer. Use our Qualifications checker to find out if your qualifications meet the academic requirement. The application form is divided into the following sections which must all be completed before submitting your application:. Professional experience and competence You must be able to demonstrate your ability to develop appropriate solutions to engineering problems, using new or existing technologies, through innovation, creativity and change.


All of the work you have completed on MPDS so far and any additional experience can be referenced in the application and you can apply when you feel you have meet the requirements. Mechanical engineering covers the ability to solve problems that deliver and optimise safe, sustainable and ethical solutions for the design, production and operation of devices, machines, structures, processes and systems involving mechanical elements.

You will also be asked to upload an organisation chart for your company comeptence section 3. If your mentor has changed, you must email mpds imeche. About you Personal competence statements Your organisation chart Development action plan Sponsors This online form has been designed to allow you to complete it in sections, at a time that is imehe for you.

The application process Start your application.

This is particularly important in the last two years of the MPDS scheme. MPDS is an Accredited company scheme which follows an agreed structured programme, which can facilitate developing engineers in reaching the competence requirements for registration.

Find out about Career developer. For previous experience, you do not need to do a report for imecje, but if you do decide to do this, this can be uploaded to the evidence competeence as a previous experience report. However, you can also register onto MPDS if you are a member of another professional engineering institution. We welcome engineers mieche a very comprehensive base of experience and disciplines. How much does it cost? If you do not receive your receipt, contact our subscriptions department on Tel: Formal academic requirements are not the only way to demonstrate your level of knowledge and understanding.

Steel Production Case study: You still have the benefit of having a mentor supporting you but, SRS simply provides a structured approach to help your Ccompetence Professional Development IPD ; you are able to self-monitor your progress and once ready, you will need to apply for professional registration via the Standard-route.


Communication and influencing skills 2 day qualification Bristol. Careers information Scholarships and awards Supporting teachers Education engagement and outreach Jobs board.

Meeting the UK-SPEC: competence profiles and case studies

SRS is a non-accredited company scheme, which can support a developing engineer so they follow a structured development pathway, working with an internal company mentor.

Here at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers the Institutionwe welcome engineers from a very comprehensive base of experience and disciplines. If you have a question about Continuing Professional Development, please compegence us. Railway Engineering Case study: Submitting Plans and Evidence is optional.

Chartered Engineer – IMechE

Your sponsors should read through your application to check it for accuracy before submission. Find out how to join us. Find out about Career developer. If you have a question about Initial Professional Development schemes, we’d like to hear from you.

With some 18 industry groupings, we are able to provide a wealth of information and events to members across the widest range of mechanical engineering topics. We need to check your academic profile to ensure that it meets the benchmark for registration. Guidance for applicants, interviewers and assessors. Yes – if you have discussed the situation with your mentor, and they agree that you need more time to gain the appropriate competence levels.

Why become a Chartered Engineer?