View and Download Blueant Interphone F4 stereo instruction manual online. for helmets. Interphone F4 stereo Portable Stereo System pdf manual download. View and Download Blueant Interphone F4 manual online. stereo. Interphone F4 Telephone pdf manual download. Interphone F4 stereo Bluetooth motorcycle intercom system review. The F4 instruction manual clearly describes how to use all of the.

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This brings us to the Interphone F3, which is a new system that appears identical to the F4 shown here. Rather than having various tones and beeps and flashing lights to indicate the different modes, how about a voice on a chip that speaks real words? It manua, very well but it had some problems with the design of the microphone; specifically the method used to connect the microphone to the speaker to form the headset unit.

The kit components seemed to be quality, even a spare mic wind sock was supplied. After about 2 months of use this also has started having the same intermittent cut-out. And sometimes it just happens on a highway… Very annoying.

Interphone F4 Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Review Easy to use, outstanding sound quality and volume, pairs with multiple Bluetooth devices, IP waterproof and dustproof, reasonably priced.

Cell Phones Answered 2 hours ago. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The mounting system used on the F4 is similar to the system used in previous versions of the Interphone. Page 3 Bluetooth A2DP profile Wireless, water-resistant, windproof world class, the removable and rechargeable BlueAnt Interphone F4 Stereo Motorcycle Kit can be used at up to mph and is compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones.

I was only using minimal pressure screwing it in and the screw mounting pulled straight through the plastic bracket. Don’t have an account?

One of these for the speaker was broken for some time, it worked sometimes and not others and I suspected this as the speaker would operate if the wire was moved.

Blueant interphone F4 stereo Instruction Manual

So we included a brief clip in the video v4 we used during an experiment that shows me walking away from the video camera while talking on the F4. This was compounded by abysmal tech support which never followed up on my contacts until I complained to my supplier and ultimately to Consumer Affairs. It does take about 35 seconds to initially pair the two F4 units however, so be patient! Two bases are supplied with each module; one has double-sided tape and can be mounted directly on the ijterphone, while the other has an expandable clip that can be slipped inside the helmet, between the liner and the shell.


Plugging in charge cable or helmet to unit is quite hard as it is a very tight fit. Each intercom comes with a stick-on mount to attach the headset to the outside of the helmet. This is a drawback of the A2DP protocol. USB and Power Distribution. Don’t show me this message again. Cell Phones Answered 13 hours ago. When a disconnect occurs, you just hit the button on one helmet when near the other helmet yards and it reconnects.

I had my wife ring me while wearing the helmet and listening to the IPOD and was very happy with the alert beeping to advise me of the incoming call and after pressing the large easily located button was pleased to her the phone call clearly through the speakers while the IPOD was automatically muted. I should add that I was wearing a Nolan with ear plugs f riding behind a massive windshield that provide a very nice and quiet ride.

Cell Phones Answered 12 hours ago.

The reviewers are located in different countries, the reviews were published at different times and we no longer have access to some of the systems.

I used Armaflex foam tape to build up the speaker holes to move the speaker close to the ear canals. As such, I would recommend that buyers seek an option from another vendor. Can you figure it out? I could hear them just as clearly as the music so tick that down as another selection criteria achieved. Poor tech support and service. The distances in Europe may not require something like this, but in North America, you can ride for 8 hours g4 not even cross into the next state or province, so longer-lasting batteries are always desirable.

The first thing a new intercom owner must do is to give the system its initial charge. Installation is easy once you learn how to disassemble your helmet.


All straight forward as per jnterphone and the F4 manual. We also paired the F4 with no problems to cell phones, MP3 players and a GPS system using the separate Sony Bluetooth adapter that turns any device with an output jack into a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Say the battery life which would be 5 to 6 years for average use. When using the F4 as a rider only unit with no intercom, everything works fine.

I think you guys provide a valuable resource and I would have, based on your review, been happy with the product if I could have actually used it. This is most likely to happen when near traffic lights which have in Holland they have. I then stood at the same distance away from the recorder to speak into the intercom for each recording.

But the capability is there, although we did not g4 it. Hope this is helpful. The range and the sound quality are excellent; better than any other intercom communications system that Burn, Bill and I have used so far. This suggests that there is a materials problem with the units. The unit came supplied with two screw-on clamp fittings and 2 adhesive fittings.

Interphone F4 Intercom Review – webBikeWorld

Also includes is an extra foam microphone anti-wind cover a pair of extra helmet speaker mounts; a small battery charger V in North America with a dual connector to charge two F4 modules at once with a single wall plug; and the ibterphone manual with a separate pocket guide. Now Garmin may have also implemented an audio buffer or timing delay as well, as other electronic devices use to minimize clipping or lost audio.

The F4 is very easy to use and the instructions, while not perfectly clear, are easy to understand and, unlike many of the earlier Bluetooth intercom systems we reviewed, everything worked on first try. This will take flashes. But a 2, ride from New York to Georgia came up and I used it with another rider the whole time.