Basti by. Intizar Husain. general information | review summaries | our review Urdu title: بستى; Translated and with a Translator’s Note by Frances W. The central figure is Zakir, and the novel begins in his childhood, in the. This item:Basti (New York Review Books Classics) by Intizar Husain Paperback “Intizar Husain is the most important writer of fiction in Urdu, the strangely. In Urdu, basti means any space, from the most intimate to the most universal, translator notes at the close of the novel, Intizar Husain’s Basti is an imperfect.

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Sabirah is another real and metaphorical character of Basti, who remains a perpetual fascination for the protagonist. I suppose that was deliberate in terms of depicting how we experience thought and I’m not sure if it was the style or the translation but I struggled to get into this.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He felt he was not reading slogans, but walking on flies. Preview — Basti by Intizar Hussain. A short story about the partition and the waiting for war.

This is why celebrating this important novel, once again, is an imperative feat. Thursday, 2 June Basti — Intizar Husain. When the earth slips out from under your feet, that’s when hsain really surrounds you.

I sincerely hope to learn Urdu and come back to this to get ba Though I appreciate the fact that author went on dealing with the and without soley depending on the “violence” weapon which is so rare to tell about the emotional distress, still somehow I couldn’t connect with the book. Mar 05, Aaron Typographical Era rated it liked it Shelves: There is, then, an intense feeling of alienation and emptiness that Zakir, as a migrant in a new country, feels.

There is so much going on at the same time and that can be conflicting. He was given the highest l Intizar Hussain was an Urdu and English language Pakistani writer of short stories, novels, poetry, columns and non-fiction.


There were wonderfully lyrical passages but it just felt too disjointed to be compelling. I’m on the run from my own history, and catching my breath in the present. And meeting Intizar Husain in his own basti during a visit to Lahore I was struck by a singular fact: It is also a difficult and challenging book to read. It begins with remembered childhood and adolescence, and then returns to the present, so the plot is simultaneously moving forward and backward in time, covering the period in between.

Apr 01, Kishwar Jaffer rated it liked it. This innovative novel has its own style–part plot, part memory, part dream, part mythology. What tears them apart? Updated December 30, Prisoner accord If Pakistan hopes to bring back to own prisons people sentenced abroad, it is even more reason to reform jail system. The trauma of partition is strongly evident, yet Husain presents it and much else obliquely. Why did the Pakistanis reconcile themselves so quickly to defeat?

Be it drawing generously from the Jataka tales or the Panchatantra fables or even the layered Shiite tradition or the more modern existentialism, his tomorrows have been taken care of by yesterdays. In the meantime, the dazzling artistry of Basti itself gives us reason to hope against hope.

Feb 01, D. Unlike historical narratives in both India and Pakistan, literature has been a great antidote to prejudice and bigotry, and a vehicle for remembrance and forgetting.

Ureu flows from him being in a state of mental turmoil to a stoned man pondering over mythical tales with a lot of metaphor and multiple layers of text to intense history and You will either untizar it or would want to get rid of it.

Once they used to publicize the news, now they conceal the news; in any case, may God have mercy, things don’t look good. I can do nothing else for this city, but I can pray, and I do pray.


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Translation of celebrated Urdu novel Basti reveals search for a homeland

Intizar Husain — Mohammad Danish Khan. Even when cities are left behind, they don’t stay behind. Confusing – Iin didn’t get on with the style, and think I would have got more out of this if I’d been more familiar with the India-Pakistan war of Likewise, any land also suffers from three ailments; the upstart and undeserving achieving rank, intellectuals becoming materialist, and cruel despot kings.

Raza Rumi is a writer and jusain director of Jinnah Institute, Islamabad. I want the reader to have an agreeable double experience: What brings people together?

Basti, by Intizar Husain, translated from the Urdu by Frances W. Pritchett

Their have been wars of succession in Pakistani Bengal and Indian Punjab, effectively reliving the Partition again. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. Zakir lives in a dynamic, conflictual and contradictory world. Basti is a different kind of piecemeal historical novel, less concerned with detailed realism and continuity; as such, in many ways, it is also more true to life.

Which stories saw the the biggest audience in the last 12 months? From then on I was unconcerned about the dust and ruts in the road, and about when the lorry would arrive in Rupnagar, and even about whether it would arrive at all Isn’t this the truth perfectly, how that half-secret love can swallow your whole self, how some small touch, even a word, can obliterate time and dissolve every thought in your head But it got just too scattered and weird for me as it progressed.