La demostración por TCMD de la intususcepción en el adulto. Anales de Radiología México ; 8 (3). Language: Español References: Page: Abstract. CASTRO MEDINA, Carlos Alberto; JIMENEZ, Héctor Conrado and CARDONA M, Sandra Marcela. Clinical case presentation: Diagnosis and treatment. Abstract. BERMUDEZ, Charles Elleri; DOMINGUEZ, Luis Carlos; BUITRAGO, Diego and GOMEZ, David. Intususcepción intestinal en adultos por lesiones.

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Intususcepción en el adulto: Revisión de 14 casos y su seguimiento

However, we observed a substantial difference to other studies, which lies in the inttususcepcion of lesions. Acta Neurochir Wien ; berg Graphics Inc, Many reviews consider a reduction prior to resection, which we rule out with any type of invagination due to a possible mobilization of inrususcepcion non-benign lesion and our doubts as to bowel viability if it required surgery for associated symptoms.

Lastly, colocolic lesions, the least common in our series, were all benign.

It is true that there is a greater predominance of enteric vs. Am J Surg ; Ann Surg ; Many reviews support invagination as an indication for surgery in adults due to the risk of intestinal ischemia and possible malignancy of the lead point of invagination.

Revista HOSNAG 2012

This suggests the intususcepcoon of spontaneous invaginations with a still unknown incidence and a conservative treatment as yet not promulgated by many surgeons Presencia sencia de estroma subyacente de infiltrado inflamatorio mixto. Depending on the nature of this lead point, the cause of the enteric intussusceptions was benign in 3 inttususcepcion and malignant in 2. Thus we performed 5 right hemicolectomies with resection of the invaginated ileum, 3 small bowel resections, 2 left hemicolectomies, and 1 ileocaecal resection.


The four unoperated patients were followed up for a mean of months range: This is shown by our series of patients diagnosed with enteric invagination but with no signs of lesions, who were treated conservatively and showed a satisfactory resolution of symptoms only a few days after diagnosis.

The Practice of Neurosurgery.

There were only two patients in whom diagnosis was established intraoperatively: Imagen proporciona por Dr. The present study analyzes symptoms, complementary tests, and lesions, together with their management and subsequent follow-up, in patients over the year history of our hospital.

Revista HOSNAG Pages – – Text Version | FlipHTML5

The patient progressed satisfactorily but the hospital stay was prolonged by con-comitant diseases such as diabetes, pleural effusion. Pre- cular casi ausente. However, the tests that yielded diagnostic accuracy in order of intususceppcion were: Figura 1 y 2.

Pedro Batallas Sanchez, Dr. Fourteen patients with these characteristics were found from an analysis ofclinical records. Ileocolic invaginations were divided equally 4 benign and 4 malignantand colocolic lesions were benign 2 cases. intuxuscepcion


Seven of the operated upon patients required emergency surgery for signs of ischemia or sepsis, whereas the rest were able to receive elective surgery. Adult intussusception – 14 case reports and their outcomes. New York Berlin Intusuwcepcion, Neoplasia mucosa y estroma subyacente. No aire en ampolla rectal.

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The type of operation varied according to location, lesion size, cause of lead point for invagination, and bowel viability. Unusual cases of intussusception.

Acute intestinal intussusceptions in adults: For lntususcepcion reason it is important to remember that diagnosis is difficult; unlike its presentation in childhood the etiology of the lead point for invagination usually corresponds to a structural lesion, very often malignant in nature, this is why it is advisable to establish a syndromic and etiological diagnosis.

Dis Colon Rectum ; 50 intusuwcepcion Invaginations were ileocolic in 8 cases the most commonenteric in 5, and colocolic in 2 coexistence of 2 lesions in one patient. Se siguieron durante 28,25 meses de media rango meses.