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In mid in Havana, the National Council for the Dramatic Arts carried out the latest in a long line of acts of censorship of Cuban theater. On this occasion, they censored an artist who up until that point had been blessed with official applause and funding: Of course, in a country where Fidel Castro is a moribund nonagenarian, wallowing in indistinguishable delirium and excretion, the state lives in fear of artistic metaphors about wicked characters who are petrified in power and whose despotism corrupts everything.

Infor example, his production of La hijastra The Stepdaughter — an original muefe by Rogelio Orizondo — was canceled despite constant sell-out shows. On that occasion, the director spoke out against these abuses via an email that went viral: Of course, what we have is precisely an absence of any kind of standards. This time, Cremata reacted in writing with even greater indignation: It is all-powerful fascism. It is pure, total and absolute — in the same way that national socialism burnt books and stigmatized races, sexes, colors and ionesfo thoughts or iionesco of being.


And it is apartheid too. But, definitively, it muerre more proof of the nature of those beings who gag, silence, prohibit and slow down the evolution of thought, and with it the lives of the majority of the Cuban people.

It is an abuse of freedom of speech, artistic creativity and the most fundamental human rights. Anyone who speaks up in Cuba is a dead man muree.

It does not matter. Art will absorb us. Inon trial for launching a military attack on a barracks in which many innocent soldiers died, Castro proclaimed: History will absolve me.


Enrique Colina, a well-know Cuban filmmaker has made public a letter protesting the censorship against Cremata. They are floating on a submissive stagnation where faith and obedience to immobility seem to be the shrines at which they worship, to which they convoke us with their blaming anathemas and excommunications. Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo was born in Havana City and still resides and resists there, working as a free-lance writer, photographer and blogger.

He is the author of Boring Home and is the editor of the independent opinion and literary e-zine Voces. View all articles by Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo. True, that what the powers that be have done to Cremata is an abomination. True, that it has been standard practice since the beginning of the so called revolution-Virgilio Pinera comes to mind True, as you well said, Cremata has enjoyed and benefited from the official funding, backing and approval for thirty years til now.


So Ionescl beg the question: I find this is true for most people. I have no respect for Cremata. Learn more at www. Subscribe by RSS or Email. Ioneco it worth-while to focus on the last images and letters coming from the inside of the last living utopia on Earth?

Is Cuba by now a contemporary country or just another old-fashioned delusion in the middle of Nowhere-America? A Cold-War Northtalgia maybe? Can we expect a young Rewwwolution. I would like to provoke more questions than answers.

Israel Centeno Night Watch. Tienchi Martin-Liao Blind Chess. Dina Meza Between Bullets and Censorship.

Cremata and the Castroist Crematorium | Sampsonia Way Magazine

Bina Shah Pakistan Unveiled. Chalachew Tadesse Double-Faced Ethiopa. Than Win Htut Off-Screen. Yaghoub Yadali Under Eastern Eyes. Recent Popular Comments Topics. May we use the cartoon for our magazine’s Facebook page? Best political sites https: You know too few atheists, obviously: Oooops, sorry for konesco late reply.

She is a refugee in Germany with a he. Connect Facebook Twitter Tumblr.

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