Dive deep into Kenneth T. Jackson’s Crabgrass Frontier with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. CRABGRASS. FRONTIER. /1’1. The Suburbanization of the United States. Kenneth 1: Jackson. New York. Oxford. OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. -~. Jackson, Kenneth T. Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States. New York: Oxford University Press, In Crabgrass Frontier, Kenneth T.

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However, due to the energy inefficiency of the suburb, Jackson believed that the “long process of suburbanization, which has been operative in the United Frontjer since aboutwill slow over the next two decades and that a new kind of spatial equilibrium will result early in the next century. Since William Levitt erected his first houses outside Paris in[25] the European landscape has become littered with all the trappings of suburban America.

Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States – Kenneth T. Jackson – Google Books

But I just read a stat that low-density suburbs grew more in than any other area. Restrictive covenants and discriminatory tax and lending policies by the local and federal government have combined to jacoson the inner from the outer city along racial lines. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Dec 20, Jason S rated it it was amazing Shelves: I dreaded additional work but sucked it up and actually enjoy the book.

The Suburbanization of the United States. Jackson helped to contextualize such experiences, demonstrating how redlining and FHA policies raised questions about American individualism and bootstrapping narratives. It is a thoughtful analysis of years of social movement without any polemic.

Great read, essential American knowledge. Context means everything—or least, some things. Read reviews that mention crabgrass frontier united states great book american cities book even american suburbanization suburbs suburban jackson city social suburbia america interested living describes general growth historical race.

It does focus on the uniqueness of the US model compared to the rest of the world, but doesn’t hold it as yet another example of American Exceptionalism.


Oct 28, Yupa rated it really liked it Shelves: Amazon Rrontier Food delivery from local restaurants. The creation of income based housing also allowed for poor African American, white, and immigrant families to live withing blocks of some of America’s richer neighborhoods. Finally, Jackson noted other sociological changes in American culture that had come to make the contemporary situation more complicated.

I was worried that it would be as hyperbolic as Kunstler’s The Long Emergency. Race, Labor and Citrus in the Making of Greater Los Angeles, trontier told the audience, served as his foundational texts as he took his first steps into the field of history.

Jackson make several points that are well worth reiterating. More than 60, Frenchmen have poured out of Paris to gape at Levitt’s recently opened American-style subdivision in suburban Le Mesnil-Saint-Denis pop. Further though, it is clear that the biggest problem is one of mindset. His analysis of the social, political and intellectual context leading the formation of Levittowns in the s is sound and useful to understand the more distant causes of “white flight” in the s and 70s.

Each section of the book might be understood as a moment in which Jackson picks up a piece of the puzzle and attempts to find its approximate place on the endless landscape of American history. This later portion digs deep into the policies which would shape the way suburbanization would occur on a mass scale afterand the dramatic change in America’s social fabric which would result.

This is neither a pro nor an anti suburbanization piece of work, although it sometimes attributes social stratification and other inner city illnesses to this pattern of urban development.

Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States by Kenneth T. Jackson

Rao, author of House but No Gardenfirst read CF while dissertating and returned to it when preparing his manuscript for publication. This book of about three hundred pages is organized in a largely chronological fashion as the author wishes to tell the narrative of America’s suburbanization from a predictably and lamentably negative perspective.


It would also be interesting to know what effect the green movement might have on suburbs in the future. Account Options Sign in. While the borders of cities have historically been slums, home to necessary but despised industries like leather tanneries, in the United States cities came to be ringed by affluence.

One of the problems one encounters when one wishes to read about suburbs and their developments is that those who are engaged in the process of building homes for others are too busy engaged in the work, so that those who write about this process by which people are able to get detached houses with a bit of grass and garden around their single-family dwellings are written about by those who hate the process and who wish that the United States would be like corrupt big government European nations and those that have imitated that malign example around the world, where the city is chosen because of the power it brings, rather than people preferring to be free on the peripheries [1].

As financial pressures create needs for cities to increase a tax base, suburban areas were forced to decide whether to remain attached to urban centers to provide moral and financial support for declining urban centers.

Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States

Jan 12, Ted rated it really liked it. Suburbs began to develop distinct identities, and to assert independence from cities and urban problems they represented. He treats communities in every section of the U. Jul 26, Tammy rated it really liked it Shelves: