A Note from Jacqueline Novogratz. The Blue Sweater Teaching Guide | 1. The Blue Sweater Teaching Guide. Table of Contents. Key Learning Objectives. 2. In her autobiography, The Blue Sweater, Acumen Fund founder and CEO Jacqueline Novogratz engagingly captures one such mission in need of the right road. The Paperback of the The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich an Interconnected World by Jacqueline Novogratz at Barnes & Noble.

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The author jump-started a bakery in Kigali where jacwueline friends and colleagues, in years to come, were both victims and perpretrators of the Rwandan genocide, was assaulted on the shores of Tanzania, climbed a volcano in Za Ms.

I took mine and fell flat on my face. She tells of acceptance, rejection, and successes admist the violence of Rwanda, the sophistication of Niarobi, the snobbery of the Ivory Coast and the poverty of Pakistan, et al.

Jacqueline Novogratz – Wikipedia

I recommended this book to my book club with a bit of trepidation Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It is a story for all of us, regardless of the country in which we were born. Retrieved 15 October Again, the question is wrong. The author jump-started a bakery in Kigali where her friends and colleagues, in years to come, were both victims and perpretrators of the Rwandan genocide, was assaulted on the shores of Tanzania, climbed a volcano in Zaire in a drenching downpour and ran down through golf-ball sized hailstones, danced in Nairobi’s slums in a mud and tin hut, and personally watched the planes bring down the World Trade Centers.

Sure, I’ve gone to slums, helped build houses for the poor, comforted orphans, painted murals for public hospitals, developed workshops to empower marginalized youth, cooked for the hungry and homeless, sat through sessions at the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council, helped coordinate relief efforts for flash flood victims Her description of her meeting with Maha Ghosananda gives a good, and also good lesson on this: The emphasis of this book is on the economic field, with especial stress put on the value of accountability and the value of a person doing something for themself, rather than having it done for them or given to them.

Only by knowing ourselves can we truly understand others — and knowing from where you come is an important part of knowing who you are.

With his hands clasped together, he said, “Each step is a prayer, each step is a meditation. While in Rwanda, Novogratz participated in the founding of Duterimbere, a microfinance organization that would lend exclusively to women. That the sweater had made its trek all the way to Rwanda was ample evidence, she thought, of how we are all connected, how our actions—and inaction—touch novgratz every day across the globe, people we may never know iacqueline meet. This book has changed my entire outlook on the charity and relief systems in the world, as well as the kind of person that it takes to really make a true difference in the world today.


This is basically two books sort of like “Under the Banner of Heaven”and the 3-star rating has to be a balance of the 4 stars I’d have given the first half with the 2 stars I’d have given the second.

It could have used some finessing throughout, really, because as it is, Novogratz hops around time and places a bit too much without enough explanation for me.

May 13, Maya jcaqueline it it was amazing. She sheds light on the frustrations and slow pace of working with local entrepreneurs to help them help themselves, but she demonstrates how effective these approaches can be. On a personal note, I almost fell out of my chair when I got to the name of the chairman of the board of Acumen Fund – Margo Alexander used to work at the firm I sweager for for 20 years. Jun 03, Sandy rated it it was amazing.

From her first stumbling efforts as a young idealist venturing forth in Africa to the creation of the trailblazing organization she runs today, Novogratz tells gripping stories with unforgettable characters—women dancing in a Nairobi slum, unwed mothers starting a bakery, courageous survivors of the Rwandan genocide, entrepreneurs building services for the poor against impossible odds. It made me feel good to know that there are such people as Jacqueline Novogratz JN in the world.

This encounter led Novogratz to realize the interconnectedness of our world, which influences her work today. By listening and acknowledging the truths of those women, I had the honor of playing a miniscule part in their healing. The Blue Sweater is accessible to those who jacquelne not have a background in international finance. And third, her writing style is both colourful and deeply honest, giving very real insight into the hopes, dreams, disappointments and failures of a social entrepreneur, as well as, of course, her thrilling successes.

I had high expectations for this book: Certain other books written by development “experts” have sewater pompous, “I knew this all along” tone, but Novogratz instead writes in a humbled, non-pontificating tone. Jun 14, Karen rated it really liked it Shelves: Her observations on philanthropy and why it fails despite its best intentions is particularly insightful.

She also macqueline in setting up a successful bakery jcqueline for single women. In the 21st century, private-sector approaches fueled in large part by creative philanthropy will be vital to solving public-sector problems.


For someone who is not business-minded may not find this book as enjoyable as someone who is, but it is still an nvogratz, well-written, and eye opening read that you will be unable to put down. This book didn’t get that reshaping and pruning.

The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz | : Books

In my twenties, I went to africa to try and save the continent, only to learn that Africans neither wanted nor needed saving. Although it’s pretty clear from her, um, utilitarian prose style, Jacqueline Novogratz is not exactly a writer, she does tell a good story.

It talks about how to jaxqueline philanthropy in a business-minded manner so that poor people are not thought of as “those poor people” but as customers and consumers. Instead she keeps reinventing the wheel and repeating proven mistakes not listening to locals, etc.

The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World

Aug 17, Antof9 rated it liked it Recommended to Antof9 by: Just the logistics must be an enormous burden for someone. Where Bill Drayton found a way to merge entrepreneurship and social change through the Ashoka Foundation, Novogratz likewise forged a union between investment banking and development in the Acumen Fund.

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The stories of people in this book cover from the mid s through today, including the impact of the Rwandan genocide and the need for clean water, mosquito nets and access This book illustrates the problems with the charity and relief organisations of the 3rd developing world. I can imagine that if I were faced with one hundredth of the resistance, complication, bureaucracy, negativity, corruption, and depressing logistical difficulties that Novogratz has faced, I’d give up and walk My main takeaway: It all started with the Blue Sweater that she gave away to Goodwill, a charitable institution — 11 years later, she spotted the same sweater on a little, poor boy in This is a thought-provoking, intense memoir by Novogratz as she recounts leaving her high-profile First World banking job in order to nogogratz to the Third World to seek the causes and solutions of extreme poverty, eventually spending novogrqtz in Rwanda, Pakistan and India, while intermittently taking up further training back in the USA.

To ask other readers questions about The Blue Sweaterplease sign up. Jun 24, Lit Bug rated it it was amazing Shelves: For an editor, that’s a big deal. JN’s desire, from a very young age, was to make a difference in the world.