Dua Joshan Kabir Haj Mahdi Samavaati. Dua Joshan Kabir – Samavati – Arabic sub English (دعاء جوشن کبیر). Arabic and Farsi (عربی‌ با ترجمه فارسی). Dua Joshan Kabeer. ٰنِ. ْ. ِ الرَّْح. ه. بِسْمِّٰللا. ِ. ْ. الرَِِّْ. ہللا کے نام سے.) شروع کرتا ہوں. . جو ب. ڑا. مہربان نہایت رحم واال ہے. In The Name Of Allah, The. Beneficent, The. Reflections on Dua Jawshan Kabir. Mohammad Ali Shomali. International Institute for Islamic Studies, Qom, Iran Spiritual Quest Summer and Autumn Vol.

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O Knower of everything. O He Who has created pairs of male and female. O He Who questions and is not questioned. O Guide, O Summoner.

Jawshan Kabir

O Bestower of being, O Bestower of knowledge. According to Muslims, during the war, the angel Jibra’il Gabriel came and brought him a message from God, teaching prayer to Muhammad to protect him from bad events.

O Preventer of misfortune, O Repeller of calamities. O Honour fwrsi the honourless. O Best of praisers.

Dua Joshn Kabir Alt

O Protector of the unprotected. O Creator of the Tablet and the Pen. O Best near one. O Expeller of sorrow. This teaches us that, unlike what most people assume, dua is not restricted to asking God one’s requests; rather, dua is essentially calling God, even if one does not ask Jawsham anything. Besides, as Shaykh ‘Abbas mentions, the fact that ‘Allama Majlisi, in his Zad al-Ma’ad, has included the recitation of this dua among the rituals of this night suffices us to believe that reciting the supplication of Jawshan Kabir is kabur recommended on these three nights.


All of these one thousand names and attributes of God are beautiful and profound. O Bestower of bounties. O Most Magnificent of all the magnificent. O Associate of the forlorn.

For instance, Qur’an 2: O Most Generous of all. Therefore, everything has the capacity to direct us toward God. O He, Whose treasures are in the mountains. O He Who begets not, nor is He begotten. Save us from the Fire! All human beings, animals, and plants owe their life to a living being before them.

O He, Who is near and not far. O He, Who decrees with His knowledge.

O Manifester, O Facilitator. O Everliving, Who provides sustenance to every living being.

O Splitter, O Separator. O Pardoner, O Forgiver. O He before Whose terribleness mountains shake. O Master of the decisive argument. O He, Who loves the virtuous. O Shelter of the fearful. To Allah belong the east and the west: O He, Whose bounties are rarsi.

O Helper of he who has no help. Another point that shows us the importance of tasbih is the fact that the angels are occupied with doing tasbih all the time. And by the light of Your face which illuminates everything.


Jaawshan, when we call God, we usually ask Him what we need, since we are needy creatures and He kabi our Merciful Lord, and for many believers, this is the main purpose of dua. O Dispeller of every hardship. O He Whose signs are in the universe. O Master of promise and threat. O He, Who stands between man and his heart.