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Hi, i’m a german newbie here:) and since last week i own a very nice pair of JBL The speakers are in very good condition and the. You may also like JBL , , Aftermarket Diaphragm $ $ ; JBL D8R Replacement Diaphragm H $ Yeah that is what I thought ”. Well forget about the sweep testing and so on above its a little bit in error. I just done some multiple.

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Ok there is no need for a replace ,but some people said the Radians are more “refined” sounding and have less distortion because of lower mass. Speak of the devil and the devil shows up!

Edited by coner – 30 August at Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. There was a little space and he had problems to center the diaphragm exactly. But I know all 7 drivers have the phase plug with annular slits. It fits perfectly,so i don’t worry about. Other than the un-used holes for the non-used back cover, even JBL would not be able to tell the difference.

Perhaps the early production models jb a H before the -1 variant.

JBL Questions : JBL H vs. RAdian

I’ve done my own tests on the JBL “Chinese” aftermarket diaphragms, The curve and distortion end up all over the place. From my newbie eye, I see the has a more 4216 magnet, and the diaphragm assembly is located in a recess Those “aftermarket” diaphragms that claim to fit, and drivers, are correct only in that they don’t hit the phase plug, but that is it.

JBL made a H with that phase plug. Good question Speak of the devil? However, the dome of the phase plug is not as high as the previous models, and the diaphragm is built to match- it will not fit on H drivers because the phase plug of the sits too high. Does it have a breather hole in it? The back of the has 16 printed on it next to the and J as part of the main body reference description.


Hi, i’m a german newbie here and since last week i own a very nice pair of JBL I saw a lot of coming out of cabinets. I only heard the plugs with slots are cheeper to produce. They really sound smoother than the Ti’s. My came from a studio-basement only stored for custom replacing-requirement,so they are like NOS! Last edited by notengewirr; at I recall noticing the different DCR on my diaphragm compared to Do we all have s My are from and really originally fitted ,nothing was changed.

Newbie question, first time pulling apart compression drivers Possibly an aftermarket diaphragm was installed.

Top end is similar the Ti’s. Restructured post for clarity. This page was generated in 0. The Radian diaphragm F. I can’t imagine an aftermarket diaphragm sounding anywhere near right in a -but they “fit”. Its not a problem going down to 4 ohms for the amp but I may just be putting 24166 much into them The differences are largely cosmetic. I too have wondered about that.

Is there jjbl audible difference? Would also prevent the woofer and cabinet from modulating the diaphragm like it was doing in your case. Radian He did a little tweaking on one of the Radian-equipped drivers and got rid of that dip in the 5. Originally Posted by Rudy Kleimann.


JBL 2416H-1 High Frequency Driver

As the pair of these are wired in parrallel on my latest test 2461 I want to make sure I have it right The time now is You cannot post new topics in jbp forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

I have only seen pictures or heard about the H phase plug with the holes. Seems that they where used by JBL in earlier models. The Radian diaphragms don’t need this hole ,because the Mylar surround is perforated.

JBL H-1 High Frequency Driver – Speaker Exchange

A bit less top end than the later drivers with slit phase ibl. This is only my educated guess and not kbl be construed as fact. I once mounted a bad diaphragm on top of a and pushed down on the dome to see how close it is to the phase plug, and it is very close as it should be. What the actual impedance is over the frequency range is another matter.

It is virtually identical to the Last Jump to page: The was never made in 16 ohm. I haven’t jnl seen my pair of Radians ‘s yet, as they are with a fellow LHS member who received, installed, and ran F.