JETHRO TULL Vinyl Lp THICK AS A BRICK Newspaper Cover Reprise Beauty! $ 0 bids. JETHRO TULL and is getting impossible to find in any. Pictures of actual album for sale – excellent condition of newspaper. A work of art ! Some fading and marks (white marks) on outer jewel case. Inner magnificent. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Thick As A Brick on Discogs.

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The album went Nr.

I recommend this album as one of your collection. It doesn’t hurt, of course, newspapwr Anderson is at his most inspired, vocally, reeling off his best-ever chunk of prose like the master he is. It’s all spiced up with studio tricks – the band started using studio as a powerful tool z another musical instrument somewhere during recording of the “Benefit” album, and this is the peak. Chris Welch of Melody Maker praised the musicianship of the briick and Anderson’s flute playing, writing also that “the joke at the expense of a local newspaper wears thin rather rapidly, but should not detract from the obvious amount of thought and work that has gone into the production of Thick “; he described the music as a creative effort where “the ideas flow in super abundance” but that “needs time to absorb” and “heard out of context of their highly visual stage act Yet one of the great hazards of epics is the flow of the song.

Thick as a Brick Part tyll – Opening with a famous acoustic part accompanied by the signature sound of Ian Anderson’s flute, this song certainly is one amazing ride.

Here, the work becomes an Oedipal conflict between the young boy and his father, who has gone off to war. If you are not familiar with this band, I recommend you to listen to Aqualung first to get used to their unique sound.


After three minutes, though, the soft honeymoon is over, and the progressive folk textures that pervaded the beginning give way to much heavier rock. They all play as a true band here, being the guitar not over the keyboards or vice-versa. Don’t get me wrong, Yes has a lot of musicianship and they can surely arrange great harmonies, but they also tend to drag some of their songs beyond measure.

The ability to keep a song as long as that interesting throughout its running time is really impressive, even if I would say that it tends to drag slightly towards the end of the first part. Humour check out the best album packaging in the tuull of music: This can be seen in many parts of the music where individual player is given chances to fill solo while other instruments played as background.

A nice concept work by a legend of rock music. But is it worth it for me to reach this segment I have to tthick many “unstructured” thhick elements as I said before? Luckily the tunes are good, not crappy pop songs you’d hear on the radio these daysthese “Thick As A Brick” tunes consist of wonderful band interplay with either the guitar or flute taking the limelight. It is followed by a jump towards a heavier and faster-paced sound after that, giving way to some great hard-rockin’ soloing from Evans and Barre, and great, almost martial percussion.

A classic album and a must have for any prog fan. There’s also some kind tu,l theme melody, repeating over these 40 minutes few times. But that’s nothing, when compared to the good sides of the rest of these “songs”.


Thick As A Brick – Jethro Tull

Woody Allen remains one of the masters of that trade. Keeping in line with the band’s tongue-in-cheek personality, the fifth album and follow-up to ‘Aqualung’ would address these misinterpretations by delivering an overblown prog epic that pulls out every trick in the bricl album canon.

If it had not been for the limitations of the vinyl media of the time, the music would have been one long track.

Fortunately there are great and memorable moments, specially the flute solos and intermezzos. The segues between the sections are generally seamless.

JETHRO TULL Thick As A Brick reviews

With this melody, even the drum solo at beginning of Part 2 the first 3 minutes does not really help. There’s some odd spoken word and a few inexplicable silences before the acoustic introduction from the first part favors us with yet another appearance.

Sound quality of original CD is good. Or, perhaps, any of us. All in all, this is a prog masterpiece, this jethrl a masterpiece of music. The composition is truly brilliant, with many recurring themes reappearing throughout.

Jethro Tull, Thick As A Brick, 1972 Pressing, with RARE 12-page gatefold fold-out newspaper

How the band managed to go through such a piece and deliver is a miracle IMO. The best thing about the music is that it never becomes cheesy or uninspired; the magic continues for the duration of the record.

The album is one complete piece from start to end, with repeating lyrics and melodies throughout. A History of the Band, —