J. Hillis Miller. The Critic as Host not much of an argument. A certain notion of history or of literary his- tory, like a certain notion of determinable reading. The prominent Yale critic, J. Hillis Miller’s The Critic as host could be viewed as a reply to M.H. Abrams The Deconstructive Angel, which he. R ichard L. W. C larke LITS No tes 11B 1 J. HILLIS MILLER, “THE CRITIC AS HOST”Miller, J. Hillis. “The Critic as Host.” Theory Now and.

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Does metaphysics enter the language-learning apparatus of each new baby born into that culture and shape the apparatus after its own patterns? On the other hand, the host is himself the food, his substance consumed without compensation.

In this deconstructive reading, the critic—whose artform is supposedly parasitic upon other artforms—reveals the parasitism of the artwork: The Triumph of Life is an unfinished poem by Shelley. The uncanny antithetical relation exists not only between pairs of words in this system, host and parasite, host and guest, but within each word in itself. Heidegger nevertheless gives a warning that we have to be cautious about the nature of language which is basically equivocal. Gift- giving and gift- receiving is a mutual obligation.

I just want to let you know that I just check out your site and I find it very interesting and informative. The characters are alive, but dead inside, and only the speaker of the poem can see this; they are dead like the world they live in.

Then Miller takes up a citation by M. Deconstruction is an investigation of what is implied by this inherence of figure, concept and narrative in one another.

A host in the sense of a guest.

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The Critic as Parasite | Chad Parkhill

Read the Text Version. There is a common view that a poem has a true original univocal reading and the secondary or the reading is always parasitical on the first one. A text is a reader, and a reader is a text. Derrida was much indebted to Heidegger.

These will continue to be written. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Parachute, paradigm, parasol, parapluie, paragon, paradox, parapet, parataxis, parapraxis, parabasis, paraphrase, paragraph, paraph, paralysis, paranoia, paraphernalia, parallel, parallax, parameter, parable, parestesia, paramnesia, paregoric, paragon, paramorph, paramecium, paraclete, paramedical, and paralegal.

J. Hillis Miller – Wikipedia

The j.hullis and richness is because language is innately figurative. Yale School of deconstruction. The pursuit of meaning through the interpretation of the poem is also what leads to the hermeneutic loop, a process the reader engages in, in order to make sense of the poem in question, as Spears Brooker and Bentley develop: The previous text Shelley wrote more than four citic of the poem is the ground for the new one.

Hillis Miller re-iterates this idea when he states that: Is this different from a citation, echo, or allusion within a poem? Sign in Create an account.

J. Hillis Miller

Parasite was originally something positivea fellow guest, someone sharing the food with you, sitting with you beside the grain. At the same time the gift itself may be the poison meaning in Germanthe dangerous parasite.

Miller concludes thus his arguments on gift-giving and gift-receiving: Like Harold Bloom proposed with the concept of the anxiety of influence,Miller asserts that a poem can never stand on its own, but only in relation to another.

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The Critic as Parasite

Deconstructionism is necessary in tge not only to better understand the text, but also the plurality of criticisms made to the text itself: From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy journals. Science Logic and Mathematics.


GobertMalcolm K. Joseph Hillis Miller Jr. If deconstructionist principles are taken seriously, any history which relies on written texts becomes impossible. On the one hand, the “obvious and univocal reading” always contains the “deconstructive reading” as a parasite encrypted within itself as part of itself.

Now, Miller goes back to the analogy he has been teasing his readers with: And the two should not be confused.

Deconstruction serves the double purpose of making sense of the text, but also of making sense of the criticism in light of the specific text. The relation crihic always like a chain. A curious system of thought, or of language, or of social organization in fact all three at once is implicit in the word parasite. Gift giving is the binding or sealing of the reciprocal obligation. But when Eliot is not using external references, the reader of The Waste Land is aware that the lines he writes have a meaning that goes past the text.

Booth – – Critical Thhe 2 3: Reasons for complexity and equivocal richness. From toMiller taught at Johns Hopkins University. Find it on Scholar. The reader will incorporate the text into his or her own knowledge. The Best Poems of the English Language: Jj.hillis replied that univocal and determinate meaning is an impossibility as history also is.

The gift is a thing mirrored, passed back and forth among these. This talk began with tbe fascinating preamble focussed on a short quote from The Critic as Host by J. Miller replied that univocal and determinate meaning is impossibility and history is also impossibility.