John G. Hoefle serves as a Secretary of Vitran Express, Inc. Mr. Hoefle served at Daily Delivery Service, Indianapolis, IN from to From , he. John Hoefle has been Executive Intelligence Review’s banking columnist since For the previous six years he worked out of EIR’s Houston bureau, where. View the profiles of people named John Hoefle. Join Facebook to connect with John Hoefle and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to.

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With these locks so essential to our inland waterborn commerce system, any breakdown would have immediate repercussions. Animating Dead Economics Intoduction: We’ve lost some 2. Manufacturing hoeflr requires a lot of power, and the combination of the drought and the manipulations jkhn the Western energy markets by Enron and its fellow pirates, led to the shutdown of several plants in the Northwest in recent years. The ability to ship goods quickly, cheaply, and efficiently across much of the country boosted both domestic and foreign trade.

During that mile stretch, the Tennessee falls feet, then empties into the Ohio.

There were also plans on the drawing boards for desalination of water, turning seawater into potable water. Just as our infrastructure has deteriorated, so has the composition of our labor force, with nearly all of the net job gain since World War II occurring in the overhead sector.

Another example is the giant “Lake Iowa,” formed during the great flood of Figure 7. Ina shortage of rail capacity emerged on the Gulf Coast and spread nationwide duringin what an official of the Society of the Plastics Industry called “a multi-billion-dollar national disaster and the worst rail crisis johj this century.


But “restoring wetlands” sounds a lot better than “creating swamps.

John Hoefle & Amy Coombs Wedding Day

Today, the western United States is five or six years into what the U. The loss of manufacturing jobs leads to a decline in population and an increase in the poverty rate. What will happen when these farmers retire? The only way to turn this disaster around yoefle through the principle of LaRouche’s “Super TVA,” a government-credit-financed emergency development program.

Marcia Merry Baker Part 2: To minimize disruption to an already strained transportation system, the Corps issued notices and waited until August to shut the lock down and repair the main gate. Audio Windows Media Video. The rail system remains a mess to this day, and that doesn’t count the abysmal state of passenger rail. We have become a nation of consumers, rather than producers.

Guest, John Hoefle on BBS Radio

Things are no better in the agricultural sector, where the average age of the U. None of these rivers would be navigable were kohn not joyn the dams, which turn each river into a series of pools, and locks, which permit river traffic to move from one pool to another. Finally, the dam gave way, sending a wave 75 feet high roaring down on Johnstown, destroying the town, the iron works, and the lives of its citizens.


This presented a major problem, since the second lock at McAlpine, a foot-long lock, was already shut down, being replaced with a second 1,foot lock in a long-delayed project. At the same time, some locks are in such bad shape due to neglect from lack of funding, that they may have to be closed.

Guest, John Hoefle

The whole system needs to be rebuilt with mag-lev. Overall, over 18 million acres of farmland were taken out of agricultural service between and Given that this is the fastest-growing region of the country, these water shortages will only worsen.

The significance of this event, which occurred Aug. Figure 12 shows how a lock works. It leaves out vital projects such hoegle golf courses, which consume large amounts of water.

Marcia has described how the productivity of the nation was increased through land management and infrastructure, draining the swamps, taming the rivers, building railroads. Education, Science and Poetry.

John Hoefle | LaRouche Irish Brigade

The truth is significantly worse. This represents a fundamental assault on the land-use improvements which turned the U. Over the next 50 years, however, the railroad grid shrunk. But those plants are aging, nearing the end of their lives. This includes prime farmland in California’s Central Valley and southern Florida.