His wife was Anna, his name was John Ernst Worrell Keely and I believe they had at least one son. It would be interesting to track any relatives. John Keely was probably the best inventor of all times in my opinion. Nikola Tesla was probably second to John in my view. John Keely got to the very heart of. H2O EXTRACTS GAS AND ATTRACTS MONEY. Born in Philadelphia on September 3, , John Ernst Worrell Keely worked various jobs as.

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John Ernst Worrell Keely, This will commonly take up the form of a glowing, rotating sphere of light with a hole that passes through its center, wotrell it look somewhat like an apple, a donut or the inside of an orange. Gravity waves, which normally press into the earth, are absorbed and transformed keel electromagnetism and visible light within these objects.

Numerous observations of anomalous phenomena in the lithosphere, atmosphere and ionosphere of the Earth, as well as in free space on NASA shuttle footage, all support the existence of these VDs as a johnn reality.

Professor John Searl used these principles to create a workable anti-gravity machine, whose drive system was built with a rotating system of magnets. As our discussion gradually progresses away from discussing free-energy and anti-gravity machines, we will increasingly need to support the idea that the aether is intelligent energy in the text. This scientist was John Keely, and his work has now enjoyed such a renaissance that the KeelyNet website is at the forefront of alternative energy, aetheric science and anti-gravity research.

Furthermore, Keely was not afraid to directly connect his theories with the idea of an Ultimate Being and woorrell the philosophy of love and light as the unifying force in the universe, then being expressed in the form of nohn aether worrekl.

John Ernst Worrell Keely was born in and died in During this time, mainstream physics still considered the aether model to be correct, as the aftereffects of the Michaelson-Morley experiment would aorrell be fully felt until the 20th century. Some of the designs were clearly flawed, as the early scientists were prone to believe that this aether was actually another form of physical matter, which it is not.

The energy is all around us and the magnet just focuses it so that it flows in one direction. These ideas are simply the end products of studying and observing the behaviors of vibration. So, if you picture a spherical balloon that is constantly inflating and deflating with air, you can see this in action:.

Here, it is very important for us to remember that there are actually two different forces working together in the earth to create what we measure as gravity. An easy way to visualize this is with a tug-of-war game, where two equal-sized teams of people pull on a long, thick rope as hard as they can. In the middle of the rope someone will tie a bright marker ribbon, and the objective is wotrell one group to pull the rope far enough in their direction that the ribbon crosses a joun that has been drawn on the ground.

Once either team gets the ribbon to cross the line on jonh side, it means that they have pulled the other uohn far enough along to be considered the stronger team.

Most people never consider that we see proof of this balanced interplay between gravity and levity every day. Think about conventional ideas of gravity for a moment; it is believed to be a force that causes two objects to be attracted to each other. If this is the only force that exists, then we should expect that when two objects get close enough to experience gravitational attraction to each other, they will literally come into contact with each other.

However, all you need to do is look up at the Moon on any given night, and you can see the proof that this is not what happens! We know that the Moon has enough of a gravitational pull that it can cause the oceans to move, forming the tides on the Earth, and yet it always maintains a perfect distance from us with an ongoing and even orbital motion.

To put it bluntly. For another piece of proof, we can again cite the work of Richard Pasichnyk on his Living Cosmos website at http: Normal gravitational force, downwardly directed, is replaced by a reversed upwardly directed force at depths greater than 2, kilometers 1, mileswhich would pull matter away from the core.

This is especially true because the core is now known to be much hotter than previously thought. This is why research involving deep mines and boreholes has shown different values for gravity with depth. In fact, a person kedly within a mine weighs less than that same person on a mountain top. Moreover, those scientists studying the phenomena have called for a new model of the Earth, but long-held theories are not easily dismissed.


As a result, the phenomena has been virtually ignored. However, in Dmitriev et al. We are also told in Dmitriev et al.

This is not the way that gravity functions on Earth, obviously. The Earth has a worrel, field that is shaped like a spherical torus, but gravity moves uniformly throughout its surface; nothing will appear heavier on the north or south pole than it will on the rest of the Earth. As we shall see in the next few paragraphs, the direction that the outside of the polarized CU is rolling will determine which force it absorbs more of. If this seems hard to visualize, just look back to the idea of water going down the drain in your sink.

And with this setup, you can build an anti-gravity machine! But wait, you say. How could the spherical energy circulate through it otherwise? For the answer, we go back to Dr.

This is exactly what is occurring in the Searl Levity Disc. You do not need to build a hole in the middle of wprrell machine, because the middle of the spherical torus will automatically pass right through the machine! These forces are not hindered in their movement by the presence of matter, but blow right through it just as gravity moves through the Earth.

So then, as the center of the torus passes through the matter that makes up the center of the machine, the entire torus rolls over itself inside-out like a smoke ring, in a constant flowing motion. It can only roll in one of two ways: The direction of the rolling movement will depend on how the polarized CU was initially formed, so different machines could be built for the two different directions.

So, to summarize this point, we can say that:. We will meely how this is possible so that it is absolutely clear for those who are interested. If you draw two dots on an jlhn balloon and measure kdely space between them, then deflate the balloon and measure the space between the dots again, it will obviously be smaller the second time.

Similarly, on the outside of the sphere the energy is fully stretched out and relaxed, kefly once it moves through the middle of the sphere it becomes compressed, and thereby more energetic. This means that the greatest force and fastest movement is in the tubelike center of the torus.


A very dramatic portrayal of this process can be seen in Arthur C. On Earth, the wirrell physical example that we have for this increased movement in the center of a polarized CU is in the oeely of a tornado. The outside sphere, which is usually not even visible, flows much more slowly, because its surface is fully expanded. This is no different than the slow-moving waters that always surround a whirlpool in the center, which woreell can see every time you drain water out of the bathtub or sink.

This means that the rotational movement is traveling downwards in the center, and obviously upwards around the outside of the spherical energy field that forms keey it, which is typically not visible. So, as the direction of energy flow in the torus moves downward to the center, the downward-moving gravitational force will be captured and drawn into the glowing, energetic core of the tornado and transformed into energy and light, as Dr.

No vacuum is required within the tornado itself, as was observed in the case from Johj, as this is an energetic process. Understanding what direction keelj spherical torus needs to flow in order to produce anti-gravity will be important for those who will use these concepts to build working models. Another important observation from Dr. So, this would mean that if you have a clockwise vortex rotation at the North Pole, you will have a counterclockwise rotation at the South Pole.

In the middle worreell is no rotation at all. LeFors Clark associates it with anti-gravity effects. This can be seen in the next diagram, co-opted from Dr. LeFors Clark, which shows how the rotational change occurs inside a bar magnet. We should also remember here that this diagram does not show us the normal spherical torus field that surrounds the bar magnet, only a tracing of the rotational movement inside.

With our understanding of this principle, we are better equipped to see the importance of the exact center of any given consciousness unit, polarized or otherwise. This is an area where there is no rotational movement and tremendous energy. Think again to the observation of a glowing mass in the center of the tornado column to understand why the center of the CU is so important. Every CU throughout the entire Universe, including the hierarchy of human spiritual bodies, is connected to every other by this Center, in worrell there is no space and no time, just Oneness.


John Worrell Keely History – 06/28/05

On the metaphysical or spiritual level, we are asked to visualize that all matter, all aether, all Love, all Light, all Life, all the Universe ultimately emanates from this one single point of energy, which can be called God or The One.

Furthermore, space is the illusion that is formed as aetheric energy flows into and out of this center, when in reality the center is everywhere and nowhere at the same time! Some of these concepts can require a great deal of mental flexibility. Even though this is obviously not the easiest thing to visualize, we can make it easier to see. Imagine that all of the visible Universe is arranged on the outside skin of a balloon, and then you suck all the air out of the balloon.

This might seem preposterous on one level, but sources such as the Seth Material insist that this is exactly how our multidimensional universe actually functions.


However, for our purposes the energy is constantly pulsating into and out of the center so quickly that we wotrell never normally detect the times when the energy of the Universe is totally focused in the center; it appears to be simultaneous, where all vibrations exist at once.

If we could slow the energy movement down to a sufficient degree in a polarized CU that is flowing from north to south, then we would see pulses of energy emerge from the center, flow down the tube, out the south pole, curve over the bottom and then the kely of the sphere, then over the top and down again into the north pole of the tube to be reabsorbed into the Center.

And as we shall see in future chapters, the surface of the Sun shows incontrovertible evidence of a heaving movement, where its surface is noticeably increasing and decreasing in size over a minute period of time.

Once the energy force moves into the neutral Center it merges back into the Oneness and is transformed. This is also required to nourish and support the molecular structures with energy. So, once again we have a case where the lost secrets of the Universe were discovered and harnessed, only to be lost yet again so that others must rediscover them later on. So, Keely could clearly see that vibration was the underlying key to all physical matter.

Without using the complex magnetic rings and rollers of Dr. Searl, Keely was able to create an energetic CU around an object with sound frequencies! Here we will explain how it works:. Keely knew that gravity was simply the large-scale push-pull motion of aether, and matter is also made of aether that naturally vibrates at a certain worrsll.

If he could use a very pure resonance to cause an object to vibrate in perfect harmony, then it was possible to cause a current of aetheric energy to flow around the object, which would allow it to either increase or decrease the effects of gravity on it, as we have described.

But wait, you say! In some cases this might happen, but if you design your anti-gravity system well, it will not. Remember that by Dr. Therefore, the matter inside the sphere of the CU is now being supported and replenished by the sphere itself, not the energy outside of it. Inside the spherical energy field, therefore, you are only affected by the natural gravitation and inertia of the CU itself. This means that you could effortlessly move through space at high speeds and make sharp turns without hurting yourself.

This is covered in an article on KeelyNet by Dan Davidson. Keely, discoverer of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, found a means of negating the effect of gravity as well as developing a form of propulsion. Keely had so perfected his system that he arranged to give a demonstration of the aerial craft to the United States War Department. In attendance at the demonstration were a number of invited members of the press.