EFG k – Electric Three-Wheel Counterbalanced Truck (2,–3, lbs. ) Jungheinrich® proprietary. AC technology. Maximum performance and. EFG // Electric three-wheel counterbalance truck with twin-coupled rear wheels ( / / kg). Compact, three-phase AC rear-wheel. operator compartment. These are the strengths of the Jungheinrich electric fork- lift trucks EFG k/– The advan- tages: high manoeuvrability, optimum.

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The full length, molded rubber floor mat provides lasting comfort throughout the shift. Impulse AC technology steering, allows sensitive driving. All service-relevant data is stored. The comfort display is configured for viewing when looking in the direction of the forks. Single or double pedal operation. Where applicable, value shown is maximum fork height available as an optional mast.

Ergonomic and easily adjustable operating concept A choice of five changeable travel programs. Awareness Curve Control automatically reduces speed while turning corners, helping to ensure control over loads. Diesel, LPG and Electric machines are available for hire or sale. Hydraulic steering with fully encapsulated cog-wheel system.

Professional battery management Lateral battery access: Dirt, damp and water-resistant motors due to encapsulated design and electronic components complying to IP A range of optional operator assistance systems optional provides additional safety for the operator, truck and load: Drive and lift motor with 3-phase AC 151 with excellent thermal economy no fans required.


Compare Cart Live chat. Outstanding visibility through efb mast and fork carriage. Progressive lowering brake valve, allows equal lowering speed with and without load. The tilt angle is shown on a separate display.

3 Wheel Electric Forklift Truck | EFG k | Jungheinrich

Message to The Forklift Team. Ergonomics Electronic hydraulic controls offer the highest level of operational ease. Mon – Fri That is why the EFG Series 3 includes a comprehensive range of safety equipment:.

Changing the battery is as simple as refuelling: Maintenance-free braking system Three maintenance-free braking systems make braking safe and comfortable:. This guarantees easy and safe boarding.

Three different battery changing options make this easy for any user — even during three-shift operations. The infinitely adjustable steering column and armrest as well as the single-point adjustment via two adjustable axes facilitate the individual adjustment of the operator position as well as the controls.

Limited vibration as the cab is not directly connected to the chassis Floating Cab. At mm high, the comfort high roof offers plenty of headroom container jungheknrich with a height of mm optional.

Jungheinrich EFG 115 SP Specifications & Technical Data (2001-2018)

Most advanced three-phase AC technology. AC system produces high torque even at low speeds.


Omission of motor fans. Standard comfort high roof for jungheinridh headroom. EFG 1 Brochure pdf 2. High-resolution, contrast-rich full colour TFT display with self-explanatory symbols. Automatically engaging parking brake for secure stopping, even on ramps. Maintenance-free drive with fully enclosed 3-phase AC motors with no carbon brushes. Maintenance-free braking system Three maintenance-free braking systems make braking safe and comfortable: Programmable performance parameters ensure flexibility.

Consumption is significantly reduced by using the most advanced 3-phase AC technology as well as the compact hydraulic unit — while throughput is simultaneously increased. This is verified by VDI cycle tests: Give the team a call to see if they can help. A range of optional operator assistance systems optional provides additional safety for the operator, truck and load:. The highly efficient AC motor consumes less energy, leading to extended battery life and increased eff times.

Our Series 3 electric fork lift trucks with capacities up ef kg combine maximum manoeuvrability in confined spaces with the ultimate in stationary and travel stability, whenever things get a bit bumpy.