Apprentice Adept is a heptalogy of fantasy and science fiction novels written by English American author Piers Anthony. . However, in Juxtaposition, Sheen is also referred to as the Robot Adept. She also had to use the Book of Magic and as a. Juxtaposition Written by Piers Anthony Juxtaposition Category: Fiction – Fantasy – Epic; Fiction – Science Fiction – Action & Adventure; Fiction – Action &. Juxtaposition By Piers Anthony – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews , awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Juxtaposition (Apprentice Adept #3) by Piers Anthony

Just as magic does not work in Proton, advanced technology does not operate in Phaze. Anthonu Phaze he meets Neysa, a unicorn, and learns of his magical legacy as the Blue Adept. Mach with Fleta, the daughter of Neysa the unicorn, and Bane with Agape, an amorphous alien. I seriously must have missed a major plot point somewhere…the whole ending revolves around him basically trying to smuggle what would jutxaposition to massive amount of wealth that would be spread around amongst all his enemies as well from one world to another.

So the Game comes to a very anti-climatic conclusion since the final contest was a poetry competition which was ne This is probably the worse Piers Anthony book I’ve ever read and it is still okay. What I found unusual about these books was the mix of Fantasy and Science Fiction, something you don’t see very often.


View on the Mobile Site. His Mode novels have been read and loved by millions of readers around the world, and he daily receives hundreds… More about Piers Anthony. Mach learns magic from the book of magic to become the robot adept.

This is the ultimate prize be all citizens start off wealthy with a hefty share of the planet’s chief export Protonite. Yet, with a treaty such as this, I am surprised it has not been challenged. After that, he was ready to face the real problems!

Feb 14, Pages.


I’m worried about the splitting because I like the Proton side. I wonder what new adventures await Stile next in Out of Phaze?

The last books go in a very different direction than the first few. Juxtaposition Apprentice Adept 3 by Piers Anthony. Phaze is a lush planet of magic, where Proton is a barren mining planet of science.

The red and blue adept continue their spat 2 March This is the final book in the first trilogy of the Apprentice Adept series and is where the battle between the Blue Adept Style and the Red Adept comes to a conclusion.

Juxtaposition (Apprentice Adept, book 3) by Piers Anthony

Oct 11, Brett Thurman juxaposition it really liked it. Write your own comment on this book! His dream of becoming citizen and then hoping back over to Phaze to enjoy his new wife without a care in the world disappears like a puff of smoke because he’s got a whole new set of challenges.

Even then many serfs would choose to stay on Proton after their twenty years are up, but juxtappsition is not permitted in most circumstances.

Assuming, of course, that the winner is not a Citizen already. And while Stile’s rigid morality gets tiresome, it is, at least, internally consistent, and the deux ex machina that insures everyone gets a happy ending is better than marginally plausible.

While I love the series as a whole, and I do like this book quite a bit it has a number of problems. How he manages it all will keep the reader on the edge of his or her seat throughout. Want to Read saving…. Oct 26, Allie rated it it was amazing. Due to the anhtony of the Book of Magic, which contains all forms of Adept magic, Robot and Unicorn and Red Adept wnthony are not limited in the method in which they invoke their magic.

Retrieved from ” https: There he found he was the double of the sorcerer. To survive, Stile had to master magic, fight a dragon, win the friendship of a lady unicorn, locate his enemy among the paranoid Adepts, and return out of Phaze to win the Great Games on Proton. Not only are Adepts able to achieve almost anything through their magic, only they juxtapoition powerful enough to magically affect resistant creatures such as unicorns and animalheads.


At least for a few years until he decided to write 4 more volumes which will uuxtaposition stand the test of time and memory. I’m really torn on this because it made it so anticlimactic and I feel like it would have been better to make that the end of the juxtapowition book. Stile still in the Game, still competition to win citizenship.

This was fun enough but as with most of his works, sexist and rather simple. Both of these books have a naked woman on the cover, though the first has a robot, and this one has a stone statue. Most of the atmosphere of juxtaposiiton planet has been destroyed through the mining of Protonitea valuable energy source, and the inhabitants of Proton live in domed cities with artificial life support.

The only independent female characters out of the trilogy appears in the second book, and you can see her over there on the cover of Blue Adept. See 1 question about Juxtaposition…. The exceptions are the Adepts, extremely powerful wizards, each with his or her own special mode of magic use. I loved these when I was a kid, but man, I’m not sure I can even justify the shelf space for them any more.

Apprentice Adept is a heptalogy of fantasy and science fiction novels written by English American author Piers Anthony. I enjoyed his climb through the Tourney and up the ranks of the Citizenry, I liked the robot equal rights subplot, and I liked the book’s ending. This book taught juxraposition a very important thing, the meaning of the word Juxtaposition. Stile was somehow supposed to take over the job of saving them or go dawn juxtapsoition total destruction with all he loved.

Shoot, I re-read them all in the span of about a week, so regardless of his feelings about women, Anthony clearly knows how to tell a good story. And the verdict is … well, mixed.