The sacred literature of Hinduism is traditionally divided into two “families.” In the older of the two are the books of revelation, held in highest. In Ka Roberto Calasso has taken the sprawling body of classical Sanskrit literature and synthesized it into a kind of novel. Each of its fourteen chapters. KA. Stories of the Mind and Gods of India. by Roberto Calasso In crisply written prose, Calasso (The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony.

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Calasso has undertaken the mammoth task of going through classical Indian mythology and effectively boiling it down to “sound-bites”. Much like the puranas. Chapter VIII is organized as a collection of stories about and sermons by the rsis, the holy men.

When the horse returned, it was strangled, and then the king’s first calaaso lay with the dead horse, its phallus introduced into her vulva. The danger was that we might be taken hostage. Difficult, dense, but probably rewarding, if you were willing to put more roebrto into it than I was.

I’m probably reading the U It started out well, but very quickly became dry. He lives in Milan, where he is publisher of Adelphi Edizioni.

But life exists–or is perceived to exist–only to the extent that it allows the parasite of consciousness to grown upon it. As a westerner I doubt I can properly appreciate in one reading the nuances and richness of their mythic traditi What Calasso did with western classical mythology in The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony he also does with Indian mythology.

The chapters are ordered — proceeding from the creation of the world to the Buddha, framed by Garuda and Ka — but the weave is loose and Ka doesn’t have to be read cover-to-cover to be appreciated. In this way we learn that Prajapati is like the K.


Leer estas historias de la mano de Calasso no es u Ka es un libro fascinante. It was the warmth, the hidden flame behind the bones, the succession and dissolution of shapes sketched on the darkness — and the sensation of knowing that was happening. On the first afternoon, we drew a conversation chart for the days to come.

At 12 Calasso met and was greatly influenced by a professor at Padua UniversityEnzo Turolla, and they became lifelong friends. As a westerner I doubt I can properly appreciate in one reading the nuances and richness of their mythic tradition.

Roberto Calasso,by Erling Mandelmann. This is magical realism spoken like realism, but the story is all magical and I don’t care. Books by Roberto Calasso. He taught for years at the University of Padua. I really believe in reading the books at the right time in life to really enjoy them, and this got in a little early. As if he realizes some may have diffuculty relating to the material, Calasso occasionally makes a comparison to western references.

My haziest, very first recollections are from around that kka. Preview — Ka by Roberto Calasso. Retrieved 15 December The Marriage ia Cadmus and Harmony, his third book, has been translated into 12 languages. We learn why Siva must carry his father’s skull, why snakes have forked tongues, and why, as part of a certain sacrifice, the king’s wife must copulate with a dead horse.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. There were flashes of brilliance that did sink in, and here they are. On its backlist you can find a lot of Hegel and some of the greatest classical scholars. To solve that problem Brahma created Death.

Arjuna the archer was the bird that ate the berry, while Krsna the charioteer watched, like the other bird, “without roebrto. Again, on the beginning of stories: The doctorate was also a good pretext for going to London. Calasso expresses himself, in both Italian and English, with extreme precision and touching generosity. Along with his status as a major analyst specifically of the works of Kafka, Calasso has, more broadly, been active in many essays in retrieving and re-invigorating the notion of a Central European literary culture.


Roberto Calasso – Wikipedia

One of them was my father. The author takes you through the mystic world of Indian scriptures, the origin of human life and the relationship with gods, the subtle interpretations of intrigues starting from the awe-struck Vinatha in the majestic presence of her son Garuda.

Last January, despite a transportation strike and an early-morning earthquake, I found Calasso sitting behind his desk at the Adelphi headquarters in Milan, studiously ignoring an old telephone, which he lets ring a dozen times before he picks up.

This is a noble aim in itself, but it’s not what I was looking for. But the shifts in subject or voice never jar. Parks’ translation was retold in by Geeta Dharmarajan as Ka: Here are the stories of kaa creation of mind and matter; of the origin of Death, of the first sexual union and the first parricide.

Sometimes these cards contain fragments of my future books. We would go around talking until four in the morning. And she too seemed absorbed foberto contemplation.

But perhaps this flaw is a blessing or even the vital force in cxlasso telling itself.


I would’ve like to see something robsrto richer characters and more stable, if blossoming sense of time and space. Jun 18, James Murphy rated it it was amazing. Apr 19, Nikolas Alixopulos rated it really liked it. He has been working for Adelphi Edizioni since its founding in and became its Chairman in