Find great deals on eBay for Kaleidescape in DVD and Blu-ray Players. Shop with confidence. Free Shipping. KReader E. The listed prices do not apply. List Price $ That’s where the Kaleidescape Strato Movie Player comes in. Here’s a full rundown of key specs per Kaleidescape. Kaleidescape is a name familiar to many as they’ve been producing Cons, Expensive, no Dolby Vision support, tied to their movie store and its pricing. titles on my AppleTV 4K, I simply get a list of titles from A-Z. I can’t.

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You’re watching the same movies! Currently to purchase a title you need to use the web store, but soon it will available directly from the player. In general, playback quality was exactly as advertised, offering an experience on par with Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray disc releases — free from the buffering, compression, and other inconsistencies that one finds on a streaming service. With the Strato, shiny discs become a thing of the past.

The list of benefits s much larger than even this review provided. Kaleidescape offers the very best way to enjoy ultimate convenience and ultimate quality in a single component.

Pressing the info button on the remote will display the time left in the movie, along with access to audio track options, scenes, extras, and chapters.

Kaleidescape Strato Review

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It offers better audio and video quality than streaming services, but for most lisr the price makes it just something to marvel at.

Since the version on the Strato is identical in quality to the disc, I started it up and watched. T is correct, when purchasing the kalridescape K Systems you could selected the Movie and Music licenses separately. The unit measures Pictures is actual item and that what you get.

Kaleidescape Strato Ultra HD Movie Player Review

Adding titles is simply a matter of downloading them from the Kaleidescape online store. The player is in excellent working c I agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy. Since then, things have been fairly quiet on the public front, but Kaleidescape has continued to build up its Movie Store. Pricce titles appear in the Kaleidescape interface along with the downloaded ones.


Different from the standard chapter stops also included, these memorable scenes or songs for musicals are handily curated by Kaleidescape, and users can also time stamp their own additions as well. You can jump right to a song you want to hear and not have to deal with buffering, ads, or warning messages before it starts.

All times are GMT They take up a lot of room, the players have mechanical issues, load times are slow, and scratches can ruin a title far too easily. With that said, at this time, it appears that Disney and 20th Century Fox do not support UltraViolet via Kaleidescape. Is this price list still up to date? The studios were happy because it took the disc and thus the disc copying out of the equation, and customers were happy because the downloads offered the quality of Blu-ray, with uncompressed Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA soundtracks.

Kaleidescape is very careful to call the Strato a “movie player,” not a media player. There are no advertisements, or splash screens, or trailers, or piracy warnings to wade through. The Strato packs the features you expect in an UltraHD source: Each selection comes with a full screen of information that includes a synopsis, principal actors, run time, MPAA rating, and the like. There are many settings for output resolution, bit-rate, HDR, color format, and audio codecs.

It took me all of five minutes to plug in HDMI video and audio connections and power it up. Includes power cord, remote, and rack ears. Watching films, once you choose something from the menus, is a delight on the Strato.

Kaleidescape Strato 4K Movie Player Reviewed

Kaleidescape has a long and successful history that goes back to its founding in The one thing it does offer than Kaleidescape does not yet is voice search. Everyone now has access to the same content when it becomes available so there is nothing special here, maybe there is, don’t llst.


The primary HDMI 2. It is a completely neutral source component. There is no getting around the cost of the Kaleidescape Strato. Coaxial digital 1analogstereo, RCA 1. You would have to have a pretty serious aversion to owning discs to choose this over one of the UHD blu ray players that cost a fraction as much.

Okay, now that we’re all caught up on the company’s activities and product lineup, it’s time to really dig into the Strato. Kaleidescape also offers a free iOS app for iPad only, not iPhone.

Shinola Bookshelf Speaker Review. It is an expensive player no matter how you look at it. Fully living up to the promise of mixing highlights of physical media and orice streaming, the Kaleidescape Strato Player really is one of the best ways to watch a movie at home. Holiday Sales Were the Strongest in Years.

Kaleidescape Strato Review | Reference Home Theater

Meanwhile, the Kaleidescape was just as sharp and stable as the actual Blu-ray. In order to actually access more detailed video and audio preferences, however, users will need to navigate to the system’s browser interface using a separate laptop or desktop computer connected to the same network as the player. Kaleidescape has changed along with this as the Strato kaleidecape longer rips and store your collection but instead offer downloads that offer the same quality as the physical discs.