Read, review and discuss the entire Kalifornia movie script by Tim Metcalfe on Kalifornia is a American road thriller film directed by Dominic Sena and starring Brad Pitt, Originally titled California, the script was written by Tim Metcalfe with Stephen Levy in Metcalfe later commented their intentions were “to. Kalifornia Directed By Dominic Sena Produced By Jonathan Demme, Peter Saraf , Edward Saxon Written By Tim Metcalfe Screenplay By Tim Metcalfe, Stephen.

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Stupid son of a bitch. Can I look at ’em? Then I read “California” by Tim Metcalfe. Who said he’s my good buddy?

Kalifornia () Movie Script | SS

Momma, sing us a song or He has a tattoo on his left arm. My favorite one is “Rock the Cradle”. It’s my wife’s car. We’ll get the next one. I just don’t think that carrying guns and resisting arrest is very funny. Lucky for you they take all kinds in California. I was in her skin, looking through her eyes.


Ain’t we gettin’ near the next murder site, Bri? You didn’t have to kill the gas station attendant. Anybody who took that much care bisecting another human being She’ll listen to you.

Guess who this is? Early’s been in jail? Thanks, Early, I can manage. Early, kalirornia was only stunned, attacks Brian and they struggle until Early is hit over the head by Carrie.

The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

You just be quiet. You’re on private property, ladies.

I don’t know who you are. Think I chipped the concrete, Bri. Yup, go right ahead. But only when she deserves it! Antichrist would be a woman in a man’s body, with seven heads and seven tails.

I kaliforniq a book and I was stuck. And he’d have to – after he died, he’s gonna have to keep comin’ back to earth over and over and over again.

Thank you for what, Adele? I’ll never know why Early Grayce became a killer. I didn’t think he left anyone alive. Brian finds Carrie handcuffed to a bed, having been sexually assaulted. How’d that be with you, momma?


Seven heads and seven tails. What is going on with you?

Goddammit, you’re gonna settle that rent here and now. I’m not that stoned. Will you listen to me? Did you hear from the gallery? Ain’t you gonna record it? No, actually it wouldn’t make me feel any better.


Later on in the road-trip, Early introduces Brian to pistol shooting in a remote, unnamed location. Adele, you don’t have to go.

How you feel about that? An oncoming car’s headlights streak across the beat.