Ken Bakeman’s experiences with Reptilian friends and foes. View the profiles of people named Ken Bakeman. Join Facebook to connect with Ken Bakeman and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. LIZARD PEOPLE IN PORTUGAL An Invasive Mind Scan Carried Out by Reptiliansby Ken Bakeman INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS ABOUT.

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Perhaps they were defended.

Someone had told them ancient folklore was the unrequited word of God and, as an authority, it was unchallengeable. Both are naturally regal as ones returning from times when to be a royal meant something.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Powerful, but hardly food for mirth and merriment, except thank goodness Charles Dickens left us with a poignant happy ending to that, otherwise dire, tale. Only days after a Facebook hook up with an extremely talented party, the page was pulled without explanation kfn consent.

Thus, I have no choice but to do everything in my feasibility to guide her to readiness, but only while she is willing. There was also great attention to order and hierarchy, suggesting an enhanced reptilian nature of man. It could be said the tamarian and tamaras signify faith versus control approaches to vital reality.

A strange idea occurred to me. Did it reduce us to spiritually primitive status? After several conversations, I asked him to leave, and he did. Because religious practitioners have been sewing distortion for so bakmean, everyone seems to celebrate or, at a bare minimum, tune into corruption.


This is not to say that either talent is necessarily free of spells cast on them by corporate witches. It is a standard practice of the Controllers, Mantis, Reptilians and Greys, to project thoughts and ideas into the mind of the abductee for the purpose of control and mind manipulation, and not bakemman the truth.

Where is the enigmatic Ken Bakeman? | I am Exopolitician, iXossana reincarnated

Tamarian, we have learnt, is the endless atomic mesh that underpins connectivity of everything. The creation of human clones and hybrids also goes hand in hand with the transfers of souls, human or alien.

Within one race their physical appearance can be different dependent on the level of their caste system. Lewis will have been transported to like vividness. Reptilians began ruling over their creators from then onwards. Monuments such as the Sphinx albeit a downsized version of a much larger and much more ancient structure and the Great Pyramid of Giza were erected to mark our return and other things. The tall Greys are often ‘felt’ to be male or female.

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We are very similar to them, but perhaps the ways to gauge those similarities are too subtle krn the modern-day arrogant know-it-all. Unfortunately the plan backfired as I would have to pay for statistical data from Wix.

YHWH is painted as a mortally biased, divisively unfair despot, because so are they too. The mind, according to those heathens, is nothing more than a reality symptom. We inherit no compassion from the mythical Atlantean Sirians, who could only offer conscientiousness. Unbeknown to our science, God, ultimately, enables or disables DNA via the quantum membrane.


Other cultures have different but equating brands of social identity models. The Controllers are the alien races that abduct people. The skin pigmentation ranges from albino to cream-yellow to camouflage-like patterns to a drab shade of Army green usually with a lighter tone for the chest and belly.

Clothing was not at all necessary there. The Maoris were the only nationals that effectively stood up against the tyranny of [British] Imperialists. And these would have to be philanthropists in the true sense of the word as there could be no desire or expectation for financial payback. In fact none actually believe, in truth. I capture those brought to the surface ; those that are the core identity of each individual human subject.

They are very oriented towards honor and performance, and have pride in what they do. The truth is numerous aspersions of doubt have been cast on all moon visitations. This prescient philosophy is found as a significant value base determining all modern laws even though science, on occasions, seems at loggerheads.

Per identical reasoning, an old Atlantean would logically seek solace from the cerebral cortex, right?