Download KG manuals, documents, and software. installation and operation of your LG product, please refer to the Owner’s Manual and other documents. Download KG manuals, documents, and software. Owner’s Manual is a basic instruction that contains the product installation and usage. PDF type. View and Download LG KG user manual online. Mobile Phone with MP Camera, Tri-band, FM Radio, Polyphonic Ringtones. KG Cell Phone pdf.

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LG KG290 User Manual

Voicemail Number Voicemail guid You can receive voicemail if your network service provider supports this feature. Listen Voicemail Messaging Listen voicemail Hser menu provides you with a quick way of accessing your voice mailbox if provided by your network. Settings80Time format Menu 9. Selecting this item displays requesting message and animation. Usb Connection Mode default back to Automatic if it is switched off. They will bestored in the Inbox. Page 88 Settings3 If the other party selects [Yes]for [Connection request], thedata is transmitted.

To unlock the handset, you need to enter the security code. You can delete all themessages. If it is set to Yes in this menu, you can check whether your message is sent successfully.

Messaging from Contacts, or Recent messages to send a text message. You are requested to enter thesecurity code to confirm theselection.


Page 19 Open viewNavigation keys] In standby mode: Note] We recommend that your phone andConnectivityBluetoothMenu 9. Technical data General Product name: This option allows you to create your own business card featuring Name and a mobile phone number. Insert the battery aligning the gold contacts on the battery with the battery terminals gold contacts in the battery compartment.

If the power isleft on, there is a chance you couldlose the stored telephone numbersand messages. Signal Strength Signal strength You can check the strength of your signal by the signal indicator on the left top of your phone screen. Select a desired video and selectPlay to view the recorded video. Minute Minder Settings Cancel: Call history You can check the record of missed, received, and dialled calls only if the network supports Calling Line Identification CLI within the service area.

For Your SafetyPlease read these simple guidelines. Page 43 ToolsAlarm clockMenu 3. Security code 4 to 8 digits Getting Started26The security code preventsunauthorised use of your phone. Press the left soft key [Snooze]. List of Favourites] In menu: You can delete multiple messages together.

LG KG Manual User Guide Download PDF Free :: Xphonecom (Slider)

Menu styleBacklight timerYou can select the desired menustyle Grid view or List view. Music sync is availablefor only music contents. You can see Info service message numbers which Silent menu in profile. SAR values mayvary depending on nationalreporting requirements and thenetwork band. Pressto make a voice call.

Note] You can see only specific files in aspecific folder. Fixed Dial Number Select the Activate menu to receive the Barring password from the user and activate the barring service on the network.


General menu in profile. Press the battery down until it clicks into place 2. Certificates can be viewed from the list. Enter the number including the full area code, or select the phone number from call logs by pressing To delete a digit press To delete all digits press and hold 2.

You can select a desired video by using the Select a desired video and select Play to view the recorded video. It may degrade speech quality. Moving close to a window may improve reception. Memo Tools Memo Using the memo management function, you can view and manage saved memo contents and add new memo.

This is because the device is designed to operate at multiple power levels so as to use only the power required to reach the network.

Access point Menu 9. Disposal of your old appliance 1. Fixed dial numberThe Cancel menu setsthe selected call restriction off. Iser number You ueer receive voicemail if your network service provider supports this feature. Music sync is available for only music contents. Select this to deleteall the schedule notes andmemos.