THE KHAIRY CHRONICLES MALAYSIA TODAY SPECIAL REPORT PART 5. The heir and the pretender. Some time ago, a young UMNO. directed by his then year old son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, and his. Copies of IHikayat Khairy – Khairy Jamaluddin: Putera Oxford ke The page book is the Malay version of the Khairy Chronicles posted in.

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Abdullah had demoted Jamaludin, but because much of the work done by Jamaludin to implement ‘changes’ in Felda had reached penultimate stages of planning, as a compromise it was then put under the overlordship of Najib.

Khairy Chronicles

And UMNO is rife with mutterings of dissatisfaction, due to the high price some say up to RM50, exacted by people close to Abdullah merely to secure an appointment with the Prime Minister. But both parties are lobbying hard to get their hands on the juicy bits of Felda. Yet, official or not, he is still the gatekeeper and needs to see all that comes to Abdullah’s office.

Meanwhile, Mukhriz, the son of former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, is still in the lead with 64 nominations, well over the crucial 39 needed. Soon he will not be needed anymore and Khairy would either assume that role himself or appoint one of his chosen boys currently on the second level of the Khazanah management to be the seat warmer while cgronicles strips that institution of its crown jewels.

However, the deal came at a much higher price than it was really worth. To some extent this has been successful. A public audit committee chaired by parliamentarian Shahrir Abdul Samad was later set up to investigate allegation of wrongdoing done during the merger.

If the situation continues, Hishamuddin might find it is time to go to the only place where he can go, which is the position of UMNO Vice President. No, not Abdullah – he went to Najib again. The person who prepares the itinerary is a Khairy appointee a fellow ex-student from the UK. Mahathir rankled when his former political secretary, Matthias Chang, reported to him that Khairy had mentioned in an informal student gathering in London that both Mahathir and Daim deserved khairj go to jail after Abdullah Badawi takes over.

His intimate relationship with Rafidah was the door opener to his hundreds of millions. Khairy later argued that he had meant to khiary Lim to debate the matter in Parliament, and did not challenge him to a debate.


I am now a successful business woman, and I became useful. The money was supposed to be allocated towards development projects for the poor, but has instead gone towards building a tourist complex, shopping mall and condominiums.

But the nation found that explanation strangely irreconcilable. He also made sure that Khairy was criticised, especially in student gatherings which at that time were heavily infiltrated by both PAS and Keadilan supporters. A fellow mamak like Reezal, he had a weakness for beautiful women and both had married twice.

The second test was to try and embarrass Najib through the foreign media. Zambry will make a good Youth chief. It was no wonder that the columnist fell for the then TV compere.

Thus he must make hay while the sun shines.

Out of the wormhole. Even in the AP issue, Najib, who is no friend of Rafidah, played the role of spokesman, as if he was in a second-rate school play. But the tide of politics is a strange phenomenon. So Khairy is well on the way to becoming a billionaire by the end of this year. Eventually, Reezal realised that it was better khiry be seen to support Khairy, at least for the time being. As Political Secretary to the First Minister of Finance, Reezal gets certain out-of-pocket expenses for his official duties.

Nothing goes by Hishamuddin’s office that is not reported to Khairy.

One recent employee of a government financial institution who reported a case to the Anti-Corruption Agency found, instead, himself the subject of an internal investigation. The committee on August 10 concluded that the merger ihairy done according to procedure. In short, Najib began to fight back and loosen the chains that Khairy and Omar Ong had placed around him.

He has very cleverly deflected threats from Abdullah loyalists in Selangor by giving them tasks they could not possibly perform and allocating cjronicles problematic portfolios. Don’t just take my word for khwiry.

Anwar had a place in his future universe, where Khairy was the brightest sun. Khairy – Youth chief contest won’t be easy. These minority investments come to billions in real terms and are ripe picking for a foreign investor if Felda were ever to decide that it would concentrate only on its core business of plantations and divest its non-core holdings.


For example, in Khanzah, Azman Mokhtar himself is seen as relatively clean. As young men in their 30s who are just starting out in life, they are hopeful that one day they can reach the heights of their contemporaries who are close to Khairy and therefore now leading the management of the many GLCs under Khazanah.

Nobody: The Khairy Chronicles

Set up institute to “Umno-ise” university students The idea that Khairy is gay is a figment of the imagination of the PKR leaders who desperately wanted to tar Abdullah Badawi whom they felt, at that time, was less sympathetic to the plight of their boss; having been his mortal enemy in UMNO for more than one and a half decades.

The key reason of politics has already been explained in the earlier series of these chronicles. Rasanya kena tengok Muhyiddin naik baru ada muka2 baru. Therein lies the danger of Khairy Jamaluddin. Amongst the circle of young Oxford and Cambridge men who circulated around UMNO Youth in the years following the outbreak of reformasiKhairy was deemed the most likely person to be able to use his marriage bed as a catapult to success. Several more meetings followed and Omar Ong was hopeful that Anwar would be his ticket to heaven.

However, the problem was only a test and is a small-scale attempt to shake the Najib tree to see what falls out from it. The end result was that Danaharta grew scared and the man was allowed more time to repay his loan. The effect of this is that TM shares dived on the back of investor concerns that the move was unwise and expensive. Kebebasan akhbar disokong tetapi tidak untuk Utusa Even his name could be mentioned only in tones of disgust. But Osman Aroff had lost big time and is no longer a force to be reckoned with.

The recent failure of MAS to emerge with flying colours from the crisis of has served to show that many of the so-called successes of the Khairy allies are no more than hot air.

The last billionaires in Malaysia created by government corruption were the allies of former Finance Ministers Daim Zainuddin and Anwar Ibrahim. So Azman Mokhtar was chosen instead.