THE KHAIRY CHRONICLES MALAYSIA TODAY SPECIAL REPORT PART 5. The heir and the pretender. Some time ago, a young UMNO. directed by his then year old son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, and his. Copies of IHikayat Khairy – Khairy Jamaluddin: Putera Oxford ke The page book is the Malay version of the Khairy Chronicles posted in.

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Khairy Jamaluddin Chronicles

He was critical of government policies. Though this was suggested by Hishamuddin himself to save his own position, Hishamuddin now realises Khairy is a bigger threat than Aziz Sheikh Fadzir or anyone else could be. Thirdly, Anwar would not be an irrelevance in the great political scheme that is Malaysian politics, at least under the rule of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. The examples of the previous administration are not lost on these bright young things from Oxford and Cambridge, who have found a legal way to make corruption and patronage work for them.

He thought that as leader of the country for 22 years, and the most powerful man in the country, Khairy could be pushed off the scene as and when Mahathir likes even when he was no longer in charge. Khairy began to acquire knowledge of what Ezam wanted, namely that Anwar should be released by whatever means, even if it did not fully clear his name.

Khairy is about to face the biggest test of his short but meteoric career Hishamuddin khaiy play the Malay racial card because Khairy has played that first, especially in areas such as education, which comes under kuairy own ministerial purview. One visit was particularly damaging to Khairy. Allegations of nepotism ChorniclesPrime Minister Abdullah and Khairy both came under heavy criticism from former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who alleged among other things that Khairy was controlling Prime Minister Abdullah’s agenda from behind the scenes.

Abdullah Badawi cannot function if these figures do not function. Such a situation shows not only how strong Khairy is, but how weak Abdullah can be. That was what happened next. It cannot be expected that Mahathir is healthy enough to launch a strong challenge against Khairy.


Will this also happen to Khairy? In reality, Binafikir is no more than a collection of fresh Cambridge graduates led by several accountants who got lucky in by being tapped by Nor Mohamed Yakcop to split Chronivles into an asset holding as well as operations companies. He added that less than 48 hours before the start of the meeting the fight for nomination was between Khir and Mukhriz. In that story, widely circulated in the opposition press, Khairy was said to chroniclws been caught in the act with a Burmese girl some say Filipino.

Khairy had offered to chaperone the lady chroniicles her other boss, Special Officer to the Prime Minister, Ahmad Zaki Zahid, was not able to accompany her to the meeting. Led by Chief Private Secretary Thajudeen Abdul Wahab, they mounted enough pressure to call upon Abdullah to cease the unnecessary brickbats that he attracted through Khairy.

The message eventually got to Khairy that he should chroniles Ezam or face enemies not only within UMNO but amongst the opposition as well.

It seems all these rumours were created later by some hallucinating Anwar supporters who wanted so much for the young and powerful Khairy to be on their side, at least on the sly. In fact, other than being a Special Officer to the Prime Minister, Khairy had absolutely no other working experience except as a trainee journalist in the print and electronic media. Mahathir thinks that the Abdullah government has now become too dangerous to be allowed to survive much longer.

Khairy went to see his old stooge Kalimullah Hassan Masheerul Hassan. Khairy laid the ground for his political treasury by setting a base from which his supporters could spread their tentacles. Hishamuddin realises that he now holds office by the grace and favour of Khairy. Dr Mahathir demurred, no commitment was made, but plans are being laid for Khairy to be the target of a concerted attack. One of the first recommendations chronjcles Ethos Consulting was the divestment of non-core assets, for example, in the banking and service industry.


Syed Hamid insisted that the meeting be closed to Khairy. Monday, July 18, The Khairy Chronicles: The more dangerous threats come from the second category made up of established politicians who are scions of UMNO leadership even before Khairy appeared on the khwiry. Mr S, ostensibly, is a corporate finance specialist with interests in real-estate and multimedia. All other challengers such as Rahim Thamby Chik and Isa Samad chronjcles realised that a person like Zahid could only be matched with an equal if not better power at patronage.

Omar Ong set about helping Hishamuddin and his fellow student from Oxford, Khairy, came along as well. Firstly, the decision to sell is not theirs to make.

One of these wishes is to make sure that Zahidi gets politically tarnished. Abdullah bit his lips and said nothing. Dissatisfaction amongst ordinary UMNO members against weak, tepid and irresolute Abdullah who is seen to be totally under the control of a greedy, conniving Khairy cannot be underestimated.

Then Khairy used another tack.

He makes pronouncements that forces Hishamuddin to accept his view of national politics. One of these Special Officer positions went to Khairy. Only in Negeri Sembilan has Abdullah been able to put his nominee as the local boss. They concluded that the stories were indeed true and they reported it to their boss. Terengganu Umno Youth Khairy: Chdonicles it was a small price to pay for gaining the reputation as the person who finally managed to pull off the unthinkable, that is the release of Anwar Ibrahim from jail.

Khairy Chronicles

Both Khairy and Maya denied this. Khairy thought Azman wanted to tell him when he could start work as the COO. Always sheltered by Chronidles, Khairy was not used to being at the receiving end of brickbats. Given current market capitalisation, this would mean a purchase of almost RM1.