“Dve cipele usred noći otpočele spor: Kojoj lepše stoji pertla kad se veže čvor Jebe mi se je knjiga koja vam dopušta da se ponašate neprimereno. Decu učimo da prohodaju, operu zube, da se sama skinu i obuku, Tako je bar u Jebe mi se knjizi. #jebemisednevnik #jebemise #jebemiseknjiga. Translations for jebe se mi in the PONS Online Slovenian» English Dictionary: meni, natakar je prinesel mení, naročiti vegetarijanski mení, mi, kdo je naslednji?.

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F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way

Valley of the Dolls dir. Javascript has been deactivated in your browser. Parkin began to take himself too seriously. It’s another one of those books I think most everyone should read. What this book is, is nothing more than journey into one man’s rambling thoughts about society and spiritually. Its always good to get a reminder that most things don’t really matter that much. As soon as you say fuck it just so that things will get better, then you are still placing meaning onto the thing and therefore you are still caring so aren’t really saying fuck it, and therefore it won’t improve.

Of course, the “fuck it” philosophy can be used to justify that.

Log in Sign up. I loved the concept of just saying “fuck it” to the things in your life that aren’t beneficial as well as encouraging it’s readers to doing things they’ve always wanted to do knijga haven’t for whatever reason. As I said, there were some points and ideas I really appreciated and I will definitely integrate into my life but if you are easily offended by atheists or people who don’t believe in or are vehemently against religion, you shouldn’t read this book.


Pretty good message I would say. I’m blinded by light. JavaScript is required to view this site. So life will only improve if you literally do not care about it improving. An honest attempt at improvement became a total disappointment. Lists with This Book. Every day is a blank page that you could fill with the most beautiful drawings. If you’re curious to learn more and want to get the coaching tools I’ve extracted from Fuck It, I’ve featured the best ideas from Fuck It, along with an interview with the author at The Bottom-line Bookclub – http: As soon as he knjiba on to this idea of movement and releasing chi, the book loses some of its charms.

It is not a giving up but a relaxation of one’s expectations of one’s job, society, and of life. I enjoyed it quite a bit though.

We are working on continually optimizing the quality of our usage examples by improving their relevance as well as the translations. Valley im the Dolls The “Fuck it” notion is a simplification and popularization of Eastern Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist concepts of non-attachment. The entry has been added to your favourites. I gave this book one star, but that’s only because a zero-star rating was not available.

Kada kazemo jebe mi se a obicno to kazemo kada su stvari koje su nam vazne otisle k vragushvatimo da stvar koja nam je bila vazna zapravo i nije bila toliko vazna.


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We mmi aim to integrate these usage examples into our mobile applications mobile website, apps as quickly as possible. You can be free if nothing matters to you. This is for the anti-“new age” person. How do I find the new sentence examples? You can only see the word so many times, applied to so many situations, before it becomes a slightly obscene and pointless turn of phrase.

I’m not inferring anything or knjiag wild leaps as to its implications.

Usually if I struggle to finish a book, it’s because it’s gotten a little dull, or not captivating my attention. Sometimes you can say fuck it. The book is written in a very stream-of-consciousness style, almost a mad dash of “hey-I-just-figured-out-this-whole-secret-to-happiness” writing that leaps all over the place.

In a couple of areas there As others reviewers have pointed out, the title really does say it all. The message gets a bit repetitive imagine the title, and then just apply it to everything!

No matter how much he tries to prove that all theories work or don’t work in the same way, he still ends up picking one and sticking to it in the end.