Kobudo Tonfa. £ £ Click the image to see the full canvas artwork. Selected artwork from the Hooded Arts clothing range are available as striking box. Weapon training class at the Santa Ana dojo during the month of September will be Tonfa. Any questions regarding Kobudo class, please speak with Senpai.

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Okinawan kobudō

After the students learn kihon basicsbunkai applicationsippon kumite sparring and kata forms of tonfathey will be tested for proficiency in this tool and then move on to learn other weapons along with karate empty hand training. With the close relationship between China and Okinawa any connection between these two countries must always be considered. They all came out of the exams with only a few minor bruises. The weapon should not so light that you lose power and focus, and should not be too heavy that it okbudo be maneuvered with speed.

It is a popular story and common belief that Okinawan farming tools evolved into weapons due to restrictions placed upon the peasants by the Satsuma samurai clan when the island was made a part of Japan, which forbade them from carrying arms. The Okinawan style of oar is called an eku this kogudo refers to the local wood most commonly used for oarseikuiyekuor ieku.

However, modern martial arts scholars have been unable to find historical backing for this story, and the evidence uncovered by various martial historians points to the Pechin Warrior caste in Okinawa as being those who practiced and studied various martial arts, rather than the Heimin, or commoner.

But imagine if the Okinawans had this – just think what those chains could have been used for – maybe a manrikigusari or kamagusari. Mobudo can also thrust either end of the shaft ushiro atama or zen atama yonfa strike an attacker.


Kobudo Tonfa

The nunchaku was popularized by Bruce Lee in a number of films, made in both Hollywood and Hong Kong. Chinese nunchaku tend to be rounded, whereas Okinawan ones are octagonal, and they were originally linked by horse hair.

The tekko or tecchu is a form of knuckledusterand primarily takes its main form of usage from that of empty-hand technique, whilst also introducing slashing movements. The point at which the blade and handle join in the “weapon” model normally has a nook with which a bo ttonfa be trapped, although this joint proved to be a weak point in the design, and modern day examples tend to have kkbudo shorter handle with a blade that begins following the line of the handle and then bends, though to a lesser degree; this form of the kama is known as the natagama.

The shaft is typically 20 to 24 inches in length. This article needs additional citations for verification. The styles listed below may practice strictly weapons, or may practice another martial arts usually karate as well. The bo was also possibly used as the handle to a rake or a shovel. Join our training sessions at 60 W. The weapons of kobudo are thought to have connections with farming and fishing cultures of Okinawa.

Arizona’s Guide to Tonfa – Martial Arts Weapon of Self-Defense

The kama is a traditional farming sickleand considered one of the hardest to learn due to the inherent danger in practicing with such a weapon. Posted by Soke Hausel at 2: Training kobuo involves using one tonfa and two tonfa in self-defense techniques. Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts.

Instead, it was used to extract gold. Leather cords kpbudo used for practice or kumite, whereas chains are favored for demonstration, but rope most commonly of hemp was the original material used.


Kobudo Tonfa | Hooded Arts

Arizona karatearizona kobudoTonfq KarateGilbert KarateHauselMesa karatephoenix karatetempe karate. There kkbudo many variations on the nunchaku, ranging from the three sectional staff san-setsu-konmentioned later in this articleto smaller multi-section nunchaku. It is one of the least known Okinawan weapons. At this point, the millstone was driven along a trough to grind grain into flour. As a result, it is said, they were defenseless and developed a fighting tonf around their traditional farming implements.

The surujin consists of a weighted chain or leather cord and can be found in two kinds: The bo is considered the ‘king’ of the Okinawa weapons, as all others exploit its weaknesses in fighting it, whereas when it is fighting them it is using its strengths against them.

Retrieved from ” https: The tonfa became popular worldwide as a night stick used by law enforcement personnel.

Members also train in kobujutsu, or better known as samurai weapons. After this is accomplished a student can apply for kobudo certification from Soke Hausel. Adam blocks attack by Ryan Tlnfa and follows up with a classical tonfa strike.

The sai appears similar to a short sword, but is not bladed and the end is traditionally blunt.

Posted by Soke Hausel at 3: The techniques of the two arts are closely related in some styles, evidenced by the empty-hand and weapon variants of certain kata: The size of tonfa is determined similar to sai and should extend about one inch beyond the elbow for combat: