Daigo-sensei, a Kodokan 10th Dan, has written a book. True story. This book, as expected for a book written by a Judo 10th Dan, is, of course. Results 1 – 29 of 29 Kodokan Judo Throwing Techniques by Daigo, Toshiro and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. The Hardcover of the Kodokan Judo Throwing Techniques by Toshiro Daigo at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Albert Watts rated it really liked it Jan 01, Descriptions for each throw are very step by step, and there are clear pictures to demonstrate key points in each description. Five points to consider. Thank you for the review. The Glue Book Review: Looking through the appendix, you may not see throws you would expect, like Te Guruma. Log in or sign up in seconds. Return to Book Page.

I thank you for that. For moderate noobs sankyu to ikkyuit’s rather pushing it but depending on you, this could be a read worth it. Recent developments in competition shiai and free practice randori have seen an increase rhrowing the number of forms of nage-waza, leading to often confusing interpretations of the techniques’ names.

A great reference that you will call on for decades. If their publisher ever start re-publishing them I would gladly pay, in the mean time a PDF will do just fine: I believe the black and white pictures are the only kkdokan of this book. Taiotoshi 26 12 Kibisugaeshi. This book, as expected for a book written by a Judo 10th Dan, is, of course, absolutely magnificent.


It has a lifetime of information in it. Mads rated it it was amazing May 05, The henka-waza picture there falls into ura-nage ma-sutemi-waza and not tani-otoshi.

The scoop on this book from my Japanese sources is that it was compiled from several judo magazines released by Daigo-sensei and the Kodokan, over several years but only in Japanese. Do you have both books new?

Akari Judo Blog: Book Review: Kodokan Judo Throwing Techniques, by Toshiro Daigo

Surfing Facebook at work? Newer Post Older Post Home. No word yet on what the extra material might be.

Contents Five points to consider. Miscellaneous Best place to buy this is probably Amazon.

Kodokan Judo Throwing Techniques

If you’re an ultra-noob the definition being rokkyu to yonkyurun far away and go learn to tie your obi or something. Tsurikomigoshi 89 10 Koshiguruma. This is the bible of throwing thriwing. By the way, this is an exaggeration, but seriously, there are a lot of photos. Due to the cover really being a flap, said flap is a little banged up due to being shipped in a box and all. Parent commenter can toggle NSFW or delete.

John throiwng it really liked it Feb 26, What are the top Judo nations?


My library Help Advanced Book Technique. Blogger Templates by Blog and Web. For many years author Toshiro Daigo has held the prestigious position of chief instructor at the Kodokan, regarded as the mecca for all judo enthusiasts, and this book is the result of painstaking research into the constantly changing forms of judo’s nage-waza.

Welcome to Reddit, gechniques front page of the internet. Technique Quality Although it is not quite Masterclass-series-like in details, this book goes above and beyond the call of duty. Excellent book which explains very deeply each throwing technique. Log in Remember Me? However, it will generally not be a problem: Moreover, if you look at the Kodansha USA webpages for Kodokan Judo and Best Judoand specifically look at the links where the book is putatively sold online, it’s out of stock with all those vendors.

Log in Forgotten Your Password? If anyone can figure out how to remove the background, like I did in the large file, but still maintain a small file size, you have my blessing to alter and post it. As I said above, this is the bible of throwing techniques.

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