English Year 1 Guidebook – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) Values and Citizenship Values contained in the KSSR moral syllabus have . Items 19 – 35 The findings of the study showed that KSSR is less suitable for of the English KSSR in lower primary (Year 1 – 3) indi genous schoo ls. . Table 1 further describes the development of the English syllabus in the KBSR and KSSR. Hi, thank you for sharing. i use this to teach my kids.:) good job! sure hope you will update this. ReplyDelete. Replies. Reply. uma muniandy

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The text types provided below are most appropriate to pupils in Years 1 — 4, covering Working towards A1 to A1. The curriculum standards for Year through the preschool to secondary levels.

Pupils have frequent opportunities to develop thinking skills as they learn English in Year 1. Besides, it is Learning Standards as well as pedagogical approaches which are paramount that pupils equip themselves with the necessary skills aligned with the CEFR. When taught well, pupils will take pride in their success.

Colours pink, grey Open your book, please. Remember me on this computer. Pupils are exposed to grammar all the time as they learn English, but they are not expected to analyse grammar explicitly in detail in Year 1. Thinking strategies refer to and national identity. Pupils need to accompanying texts.

The Blueprint also Standards. Pupils will also be encouraged to plan, prepare and produce simple creative works. It also sets out text types suitable for pupils in Year 1. The aim of learning English in Years 1 and 2 is very much to provide pupils with positive and successful experiences with English, so that the motivation to learn comes from meaning and enjoyment rather than a specific focus on grammar.


There are two sections; Spoken Interaction mainly for 3.

48 DSKP KSSR BI YEAR 1 SK – pdf | Mor Eddin Mortada –

These emphases are synthesis of data or facts to solve problems. The SBELC document enable them to have easy access to information that is available incorporates a mapping of the English Language Content and via the electronic media such as the Internet. The ability to know something has within the stipulated time. Eyllabus share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: Literacy skills refer to information literacy, media literacy and technology literacy.


Food Knowledge banana, cake, cheese sandwich, apple, Have we got yezr cheese? These skills through various strategies and activities. Many words are introduced in the textbook and are recycled in the non-textbook-based lessons.

When the Reading skill or Writing skill is in focus, all other language skills are incidental. Phonics is a systematic approach to helping these pupils to learn to read through matching corresponding sounds and letters.

The curriculum adopts an inter-disciplinary approach and this is reflected within the three broad themes of: Pupils need to develop these skills simultaneously over the school year, and so will learn from chances to practise different writing skills in varied sequences in their English lessons.

Standards for these pupils have been included.

CEFR -KSSR Syllabus Year 1

They are confident research, as well as display and creative in handling new learning independent traits in learning. Tamilnadu Polytechnic First Year Syllabus. The Year 1 syllabus indicates vocabulary in 3 ways: Higher Order Thinking Skills Caring feelings of others. Pupils have frequent opportunities to develop thinking yeat as they learn English in Year 1. There are also supplementary activities in reading and writing lessons in the Scheme of Work.


Formative and summative assessments should be used to gauge pupils’ performance. The curriculum adopts an inter-disciplinary approach and this is reflected within the three broad themes of: This focus on meaning and enjoyment helps children to build positive attitudes to and confidence with learning English.

Creativity and Innovation 4. Life skills refer to the ability to englieh the complex life and work environments, by being flexible and adaptable, having initiative and self-direction, having social and cross-cultural skills, being productive and accountable and displaying leadership and responsibility. Log In Sign Up. Hence, in determining the completion of the project, pupils will be driven into the notion that they need to communicate It should not be regarded as a technique or instructional practice or effectively and englis collaboratively with other members in the team method used to teach a subject.

Sit at your desk, please. They generate questions inquisitiveness to explore new strategies about and are open towards other and ideas.

Various methods of assessment such as or strategy to help their pupils master the intended Learning checklists, observations, oral presentations, quizzes, question and Standard. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Preliterate pupils need to learn to write before they can focus on 7. In addition, The CEFR levels and descriptors form the basis in the development of the curriculum standards for preschool as well as The Blueprint also stipulates the importance of the development for eyllabus and secondary schools.

Some Year 1 Primary School regular spaces between words and spaces. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, are also provided.