Perhaps, short or no words need for describe KToon, was one and is still one . at the moment, i’m helping with the translation of the manual!!. ICT student textbook · ICT teacher handbook Tupi (formerly KTooN) is a software application for the design and creation of 2D animation. This tool, inspired by. Is a 2D animation toolkit for linux It looks a tiny bit even when i manually start the xserver : \ vista works though.

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It only says “file exists” when I try to redo. The temporary fix ktooh for me as well. The interface is intuitive enough that newcomers can pick it up and work it without too much trouble, and it is a pretty lightweight package.

Rakesh B made an edit on 19 SeptemberAs a temporary fix, create a link manuao the plugins folder by the following command, and it seems that all of the functionality will be enabled. Deleted old symbolic link and reset correctly.

# – ktoon: icons, tips, about dialog & help are broken – Debian Bug report logs

Because of dissatisfaction with the obviously stalled KTooN project, the new development went down a whole new path, meaning that even if KTooN should be revived, the Tupi developers intend to stick to their own roadmap and goals. While many think of animation in Linux as a lost cause, there are alternatives. It is an excellent tool for simple 2D animation, and it is easy enough to get into.


While today it runs only on Linux, the developers have stated that they will develop versions for Windows and Mac OS X in the future. It uses the Linux-libre ke Extracting objects from an image is one of the most important techniques for image editing that exists.

Add tags Tag help. On their homepage, the developers provide a quick reference guide, as well as a mini-tutorial, both of which, however, are obviously not up to date. Once all the frames are done we have to click on player button there we can select the speed of the frames.

Even though the programmers intend to go an independent direction with their software development, Tupi cannot deny its ancestral KTooN lineage.

You can mix multiple visual formats such as images, graphics together to create educational resources. Finally, the completed animation is saved in various video formats.

Thanks for the bug report, a fix is underway and will be uploaded shortly.

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. You can easily install different firmware versions from an “online pool” over Kgoon. In the process, the object can change its position, opacity, or rotational aspect. In second frame we will be having transparent frame type so we can keep frame1 as reference and draw the 2nd frame to make slight changes in it.

KToon: Simple 2D animation

Ktion Cecile dancecile on After users have finished creating animations of their choice, they can save it as a project which will save the entire project as. All the necessary tools are included. The distribution is optimised for a gaming computer So, to live in freedom we have to build a new continent.


Only fragments of the quick reference guide are in English; the essential part that describes the structure and the components of the program was never translated from the original Spanish. This hard work manuzl be avoided because the program is not capable of tweening see the “Tweening” box.

Bug # “Brush and selection menus not expanding” : Bugs : ktoon package : Ubuntu

Murz murznn wrote on The free manuxl is the new continent in cyberspace that we have built so we can live here in freedom. Changed in ktoon Ubuntu: KToon was designed for animators by the animators at Toonka. KTooN is a software application for the design and Step 2 – After the application window opens, go to file and click on new project and it will ask you to select the presets koon project, click OK.

There is also the program known as Plastic Animation Paper; however, it is not free. Is there any way to reset symbolic link file?