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Feb 11, Dustin Hartley rated it it was amazing.

The fact that it is still taught in Sociology courses close to 60 years later means it is still relevant today. Between the oft-referenced first and last sections lay a scathing critique and intelligent t This is one of the best known works of sociology and the highlight of Mills’ impressive career.

This book is written as a sort of textbook for aspiring mjlls majors, although Mills wouldn’t like the term “textbook”.

C. Wright Mills – Google 학술검색 서지정보

Mills lambasts the two extremes of Grand Theory’s untestable and overly-syntactic nebulousness, and Abstract Empiricism’s unquestioning analyses of abstract and subjective data and its unhealthy preoccupation with methodology. So, now I have.

He felt most mid-century sociologists lost their true purpose: Whilst the book itself is about 2 stars, the appendix is 5. Sep 04, Tom Crosby rated it really liked it. The appendix On Intellectual Craftmanship, by the way, is worth the cover price of the book. We should be careful to aggrandize the father’s of social science, because in doing so we risk forgetting that we too are just as capable of producing sound social science.

The educational and the political role of social science in a democracy is to help cultivate and sustain public and individuals that are able to develop, to live with, and to act upon adequate definitions of personal and social realities. Specially inequality in human relations explained well.

The Sociological Imagination

He sright researchers of too often bending to the biases of the institutions of which they are sociologicca part, or, perhaps more grievously, to those supplying the money. I really like sociology. Jul 19, Kate rated it liked it Recommends it for: In this book, Mills criticizes the two dominant methods of studying sociology grand theory and abstracted empiricismand then goes on to delineate the sociological imagination—a way of studying society that factors in imaginacio, political and individual factors, that does not get too lofty with grandiose theories and abstractions nor too mired in the numbers and statistics of abstracted empiricism.


We cannot do this without considering the social structures that compose these social worlds, or more broadly, the relationships and patterns of interaction that define them. Mill’s saw both of these paradigms as conservative, either blindly or indifferently aligning with the political interests of state and corporate institutions, in essence perpetuating the very microscopic issues such paradigms sought to address by their inability to grasp social structure or their conceptual fetishization of it.

To generalize a group of people and state a theory as The first hundred or so pages deal with abstract sociological theory that C. Sep 19, Simon Bailey rated it really liked it Shelves: Perhaps I’d recommend this book to someone totally uninitiated in Sociology if I’d no other recommendations, but the appendix however is worth reading for everybody studying a social science or humanities at university, it’s inspirational and timeless unlike the rest of this book.

Mills provides the basis for any good social research. Apr 04, Christopher rated it really liked it Imagginacion Though Mill had a few touches of elitism to him, it was so refreshing to read someone who had a vision for social sciences and for the academy that mandates relevance to society at large and the individual.

Eventhough the book is very cl The Sociological Imagination is a very inspiring read for all sociologists or social scientists to be.

Hailed upon publication as a cogent and hard-hitting critique, The Sociological Imagination took miaginacion with the ascendant schools of sociology in the United States, calling for a humanist sociology connectin C.

Mills is more of a questions, than an answers sort of guy — best to be one of those if you possibly can — and so a lot of this book is devoted to looking at the kinds of questions sociology ought to ask and some of the ways that it might be worthwhile seeking out answers to those questions.

Finally, he presents his view on what he believes to be a major social issue – the rationalisation of the individual and lack of reason when making decisions – which is both intriguing, relevant, and very much in line with Max Weber’s iron cage of rationality. I am not primarily interested in becoming a faculty member at a traditional four-year institution of higher learning.

It seems Mills warns against such applied research in his detailing of liberal and illiberal practicalities. There are also intriguing oddities at work, the use of the term ‘imagination’, and how much farther one might take it, for instance.


Mills’ sociological imagination is one’s reliance on the pursuit of knowledge steeped in sensible, human drives. The appendix provides some guidance on how to conduct such research. Aug 13, leo rated it liked it Shelves: Any woman who was able not just to exist in a world like this but to get an advanced education, have a career, succeed in a profession, ignoring all the language around her referring to men, men, men, men, a man, a man, a man, a man – language which says “this world is not for you” – my hat is off to her.

The book was deeply boring. Any one who fancies themselves a social scientist should read this book. Open Preview See a Problem? Mills was concerned with the responsibilities of intellectuals in po American sociologist.

It’s a clarion call for action that retains all of its power to this day. Wright Mills inand he died in only three years later. They are attempts to help us understand biography and history, and the connections of the two in a variety of social structures.

La Imaginacion Sociologica : C Wright Mills :

Jul 15, Tyler rated it it was ok Shelves: It’s an interesting book but hard to understand. Mills died from a heart attack on March 20, He also sociollgica and was influenced by Marx. When many politics- debated and undebated — are based on inadequate and misleading definitions of reality, then those who are out to define reality more adequately are bound to be upsetting influences. This book is deep, yet practical. Jun 14, Amanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: When i read the opening chapters on grand theory and abstracted empiricism, I was sociologixa it a ‘theoretical’ and ‘methodological’ exercise in critique – and considered as such it is a bit limited; hardly breaking sweat for Mills to take apart the grand theory of Parsons or the abstracted empiricism imaginacipn behaviourism.

The other chapters on grand theory, etc. The first hundred or so pages deal with abstract sociological theory that C.