La Maison de Bernarda; Les Noces de: Garcia Lorca Federico .. Noces de sang /La maison de Bernarda Alba: Federico García Lorca. Les textes que nous reproduisons ici montrent, encore une fois, Federico Garcia . It has been acceptad by the Republic as an integral part of its educational plan , melodía del «Romance del duque de Alba» ; después, recitado para situar 71), et La Casa de Bernarda Alba, achevée en juin ; peut-être aussi. La Maison de Bernarda Alba suivi de Les Noces de Sang by Federico Robert HIRSH – Texte intégral de la pièce adaptée par Marcelle AUCLAIR et Jean.

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Como canta una ciudad de noviembre a noviembre. Second woman Aside, in a low voice Evil, worse than evil!

Good fortune comes to those who least expect it. The crowd of women have now entered, and Hexte appears with her five daughters. Bernarda And why were you at the gate, yourself?

La casa de Bernarda Alba. Federico García Lorca

What matters are land, oxen, and a submissive bitch to fetch them their food. Martirio You could dye it black. Are we not friends?


Martirio I feel the same. The Theatre in the Spanish Republic. The tolling of bells is heard. La Poncia Tyrant of all she surveys. She saw his mother. Servant While the mourners were here I had to gag her several times with an empty sack because she wanted to shout for you to bring her a drink of dishwater, and the dog meat she says you give her.

Angustias has fine qualities. I quina gran actriu! La Poncia What a lot of money for Angustias! Sortia de l’assaig del Principal.

First woman The poor have their sorrows too. Que se mueve, que pasa a nuestro lado.

Federico García Lorca

La Poncia On her side. Do you hear me? En la Universidad — La Barraca. Todas las personas de mis poemas han sido. Fourth woman May you enjoy the true harvest of your marriage. Abans de l’estrena — L’autor ens diu. Se vive para arriba, para arriba. Te preguntan algo y tu dices: Fue el producto de mis escritos en prosa. Bernarda Less wailing and more work. No hauria pogut somniar trobar. La Voz de su lla, AE 3. Voir les disques suivants: Arched doorways with canvas curtains edged with tassels and ruffles.

Angustias enters, her face made up. En canvi nosaltres hem trobat Pajut oficial per a les nostres realitzacions 8. Bernarda What were you gazing at, and whom?


No vengo para saludar Y sin embargo, no la he escrito. La tierra, el fuego, el aire, el agua. Amelia What a terrible thing! Abans de l’estrena — L’autor ens diu [link] XI.

Per dissimular aquesta indiferencia inventen tota mena d’excuses, tal com han fet en tractar-se de nosaltres, acusant-nos de fer un teatre sec- tari.

Adela Deliberately There was a group of them still standing outside. Magdalena The servant almost overheard you. They wear voluminous black skirts and shawls and carry black fans. To the Servant Start whitewashing the courtyard. Who were you gazing at?

Les renseignements fournis par ces textes concernent en premier lieu sa biographie: Through the eight years of mourning not a breeze shall enter this house. I hope it will be long before you darken my door again.

Nueva York es terrible 9. Angustias He was there.