Basic Combat Rules. The most important rule There has NEVER been a serious injury in this system of LARP – largely due to this rule. Take this rule seriously. The game rules are designed to be easy to learn so you can get into the action that much faster. Members can download a free PDF version of. After quite a bit of thinking, more delays than I really care to think about the beta version of the LARPBook open LARP Rules book is now out.

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Most commonly this happens when a fighter is crouching behind a shield but can apply to other forms of cover such as tables or window.

In the deep heart of the Ziggurats the old ways continue underneath the nose of the Alteran oppressors. There are only three formal cities in Larana.

Without that you have no honor and without honor you have no life. Calakmel is a defeated nation. Check-in can be time consuming and a bit chaotic, so please arrive as early as possible in order for the game to begin on time.

There is no difference in how a Speaker, Mother, or Cousin would dress. If a ruling in combat is not agreed upon, there is a conflict between you and another player, or something else that could detract from the Spirit of the Game, please see a Marshal or a member of staff. The reality is that within the reaches of this massive jungle is one of the five Great Nations. Just enough to try making one more batch of remedies—.

Rulebook Generator | Altera Awakens Fantasy LARP

lar The efforts that are aided with cookies may change from time rulebkok time, but you should always aim to spend your cookies into areas that have similar goals as you. What makes it the greatest? Before the next game, the plot staff will write back to each of the players with what action items were successful. Once you arrive on site, you will begin check-in, getting in costume, and settling in to your cabin for the weekend.


In the pouch you rulebookk. If someone fails to ask a question that fault is theirs. No offensive remarks regarding real world race, religion, politics or sexual orientation, etc will be tolerated. Most abilities of the Guard have some application to rulenook fighters however the true strength of the style only is shown when they fight in groups. Atrophy Character may, three times per day, touch the deepest parts of their corruption in order to systemically weaken every muscle of an opponent. Navigation Community portal Recent changes Random page Help.

My thanks to Flickr user Judly Klein for the image used in this post. Herman gathered the little girl in his arms and carried her back to town, crying the whole time. This ability only reflects the targets personal belief of whether or not they are telling the truth.

Examples of the different elf species are listed below for further study. The base assumption is that weapons are always being swung rulebkok the intent to do damage.

Characters who are at the far extremes of this spectrum either hating or being a confidant are outside of what this spell can affect. Marriages are uncommon but not unheard of.

Rulebook Generator

As it stands this rulebook is a starting point. They were said to be wreathed in steam, smoke or dust and their skin cracked with raw power of the elemental they are associated with.

I meant no disrespect. If no element has been declared yet it must be chosen at this time. When an attack cannot be blocked or avoided it causes a Wound rulrbook the location struck.


Establishing a formation is done by having all participating Guards gathering together and committing to their unit formation. But then no one ever cares about me. This requires 10 seconds focus as the Guard place spear tips together as a commitment to each other.

It might be more fair to say that this is a deeply held philosophy rather than a religion.

Free to use LARP Rule Book

Common duration modifiers are:. Death can come to characters in many ways. He channeled a small amount of focus into one of his charms to surround himself in the warmth of a fire spell.

When a Caravan grows too large or the herd cannot support them all then it is time for some to break off and form their own Caravan. In the distorted mythos of Calakmel, the Celestials are seen as vengeful beings attacking demons with no care as to who or what else would be in the way.

Day Effect lasts until the next sunrise. I have included some of the rullebook types rulbook Demons that are found in Alteran records. Any healing that is not sufficient to treat the wounds of the target is instead stabilized lrp considered to be Walking Wounded.

Armor always decrease its point value by 1 each time struck by damage. Just like with a killing blow this can be interrupted at any time by striking the person or weapon doing the mutilation.