Application imagery for Laser Blade Adjustable. Product Details. Flush mount . Application imagery for Laser Blade General lighting. Product Details. Colours available for Laser Blade General Lighting Pro. 01 White.

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Would you like to make use of this bargain price? The installation is rapid and effortless. Available product types A. The body of the fitting is a long and thin strip of only 4cm wide designed to create sophisticated optically circular light d. Each cone guarantees optimal visual comfort thanks to the recessed position blad the LEDs. At the same time the Luminale as an exciting event gives with its several highlights opportunity to discover the city. The brand is dedicated to creating lighting solutions that give shape to buildings and illuminate the ibuzzini to rediscover the secrets of our history and culture.

The new Decos Technology Group head office in Noordwijk in the Netherlands was officially opened not so long ago. The product is available lase two different versions High Contrast and Wall Washer with varying power, length and finishing white, black, gold, and greyallowing the product to adapt to various application requirements. The technical specifications of the fittings comply with EN This product is currently available at a special price for StyleClub members only.

Both dist ributions guarantees excellent visual comfort, thanks to the set back position of the leds.

Minotti Studio

The particular light distribution of Laser Blade avoids the dot like effects typical of single leds to achieve a single general emission. The body of the fitting is a long and thin strip of only 4cm wide designed to create sophisticated optically circular light d istributions. A new architecture made of new expressive possibilities arises; architecture that integrates light as never before, closing the gap between ideal and real.


Inspired by the art of Lucio Fontana, The Blade is a masterpiece of miniaturisation and precision that blends into architecture as never before. A Other Features V capable Externally dimmable lamp.

We carry all products by this brand. Every component and every detail is part of a sophisticated mechanism that is adjusted in-house by our team of designers who boast the same care and calm as master watchmakers.

The Blade encapsulates optical mastery in just 18mm, it is a gem of precision that transforms light into an element of the fusion with architecture: The Laser Blade fittings, which have extremely minimal proportions and are ideal for minimalist ceiling applications. It is furnished with a dimmer to regulate the light intensity. With its ultra-modern LED unit, this wall luminaire emits a warm and clear light bladde the room.

The light is turned on with just one click. Inwith Laser Blade, iGuzzini launched the first linear luminaire able to emit a circular, homogeneous, soft and comfortable light. Blwde table with panel base. From macro to micro, from inside to outside, the Laser Blade collection scales the dimensions to adapt to any application context, where the quality of light becomes elegance. It is made of die-cast aluminium that is of a laswr quality, thus promising durability and great service.

Laser Blade L | iGuzzini | Products | Mondoluce

It seeks to improve the integration between light and architecture through industrial design. An innovation that immediately became an icon in the Lighting sector because it revolutionised the shape of luminaires thanks to its integration with architecture. Subscribe to our blafe. Exclusive sale — Only for StyleClub members. Laser Blade combines an extremely minimal design with iGuzzini’s considerable experience in LED products for retail applications.


Products of the day. The light is aimed and maximised from a micro optical bench that uses the patented Opti Beam technology: The Wall Washer version, unique thanks to its size and performance, presents an exclusive combination of patented reflectors and optic screens that guarantees top to bottom uniformity on vertical surfaces without any dark areas or scallop effects. Laser Blade XS, nicknamed The Blade, is more than a product, more than an innovation, more than a light: The Design Lab at iGuzzini has worked to realise the atavistic dream of architects, interior designers and lighting designers by creating a product so minimal that it would not be seen, but able to emanate a clearly controlled, efficient and comfortable light, directly from the architecture.

Simple extraction clips and a clasping support transform the magic into simplicity. The planners at Inbo Architecten devised a design concept in line with the company’s philosophy that encouraged flexible workstation settings. Never has there been a product of design conceived not blaee be seen.