Posts about LiveCycle Data Services Tutorial written by devgirl. Flex Data Access category in Tour de Flex and locating a sample for the specific area of LCDS. 0. Share. Tutorials. Free Flex 4, Hibernate 3, and Spring 3 Integration Refcard. Videos Part 2 · Externalizing Service Configuration using BlazeDS and LCDS. In the last few months, I’ve seen an explosion in the number of Financial Services firms interested in building Real Time Trader Desktop.

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As the server starts up, you will see a line that shows the port that hsqldb is using. I cannot believe this will work!

Save and run the application. If you are building this type of application I would definitely love to hear from you. Thanks for the post. This is not an official LCDS performance benchmark.

Externalizing Service Configuration using BlazeDS and LCDS | Christophe Coenraets

Bind the values in the input controls to respective properties in Product instance as shown below and highlighted in the image below. I make this tool available to help you get started and run your own tests. Extremely useful information on real time traders desktop.

Create Form for the Customer data type We will display the details of the product entry selected in the listProducts control created in tuutorial step in formSelected Product. Come oon over and discuss with my site. I will definitely visit this site later to read some more quality blogs.


Bind the values in the input controls to respective properties in Product instance as shown below and highlighted in the image below.

You will see a window launched with options to select the type of service as shown in the image below.

Externalizing Service Configuration using BlazeDS and LCDS

Save and run your application. My apologies… found the answer: You can find the complete list here https: RemoteObject from your Flex client data-management-config. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Is there any compatability issues of lcds with Java 1.

Where to go from here That’s it. Sujit Reddy G — The Evangelist. I think the ideas exposed here are very very useful and very they are well explained. You can add a handler to the result event to perform any logic when the server response is successful. The code above uses ordersdb. Just an add on from the Brian comment. Client-side Configuration Steps 1. Setting Max Frequency to 0 the default keeps throttling disabled: Now that I have worked with it for awhile, I realize there really is one main configuration file called services-config.

Common causes include security credentials see the instructions on changing the useAppserverSecurity value in Setting up the environment and a lack of data source mapping see the instructions on adding a data source reference llcds lcds. CallResponder class will dispatch result event when the data is retrieved successfully from the server.


This template is entirely blank except for kcds dotted borders around each card. When the model editor opens, note that it supports Design view and Code view like other Flash Builder 4 editors. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Save your changes and close the text editor. I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!! To map the CallResponder instance with the service call, you have to pass the reference of the AsyncToken returned by the service call to the lcrs property of lces CallResponder.

Switch to design view as shown in the image below. The one indicator I found particularly useful to determine the maximum capabilities of the client is the message latency. Fill project properties as shown in the image below. Jas Panesar 6, 3 32 Flash Builder will also assign a UI control which it will use to display the property value as shown in the image below.

Locate the section of code below it begins around line