Caroline Clemens comes to a scandalous arrangement with Dominic Savage. Penniless and responsible for four younger siblings following the death of their. Read The Price of Desire by Leda Swann by Leda Swann by Leda Swann for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Buy a cheap copy of The Price of Desire book by Leda Swann. Caroline Clemens comes to a scandalous arrangement with Dominic Savage. Penniless and.

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For a full list of my reviews, visit my Review Index. See the full list of my books on Goodreads! With their house and all their possessions up for auction to cover his debts, Caroline has few choices.

She had kept faith in her suitor, Captain Bellamy, that he would still marry her and thus save her and her siblings — Emily, Louisa, Beatrice, Dorothea and Teddy — but his new proposal makes her feelings for him sour. Her hopes of saving her family dashed, Caroline knows she must take them all to the workhouse, a place that might just kill them, or put an end to things herself. With this plan in mind, there is only one regret: Dominic Elda is a man used to pursuing his pleasures.

Recently arrived in England from India, Caroline Clemens has caught his eye. Caroline, after failing to follow through with her plan to save her siblings and herself from a life of destitution or xesire, has taken them, on foot across country, to the workhouse.


They are allowed in for the week, at the end of which time the board of governors will meet and decide whether ledw can stay. Grateful for somewhere to sleep and something to eat, the Clemens children are split up and put to work. One week is all it takes to diminish their spirits considerably.

With her sisters and brother taken care of, Caroline puts all her willing energy into pleasing Dominic — and learning about the arts of pleasure for her own sake.

The Price of Desire (Avon Red)

But she knows her place: She must protect her heart against him, be a professional, and learn all she can from him. If only it were that simple. As such, it works very well. I liked the main characters, Caroline and Dominic, a lot.

Review: The Price of Desire | Giraffe Days

Caroline is strong and independent and never annoying or foolish or dramatic. She was a woman I felt like I could be friends with, so it was easy to care for her.

She takes her future in her own hands and never suffers from guilt or shame at her new occupation or the pleasure she derives from it. Dominic was a bit messier. I had to scramble to adjust my mental image of him and my understanding of his personality, his character. But he remains a tad thin as a character.

This was a well-written, well-researched story set in Victorian England, about a young woman who takes life into her own hands and lives it on her own terms — and enjoys doing it. For fans of authors like Jess Michaels, this is well worth reading. You can use these HTML tags. Email will not be published required. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


The Price of Desire (Avon Red) – LEDA SWANN

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The Price of Desire

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