Lexmark X L’imprimante multifonctionnelle couleur Lexmark X avec les Add. Twin-Pack #28, #29 Black and Colour Return Program Print Cartridges For more information on how page yields are determined, please Learn more. On the Lexmark website under Drivers & Downloads find the X all-in-one series, to b (or 0xb) which is the PID for the Lexmark X (On the Eee PC, you can also add the printer via the Printers icon on the. Recent Lexmark X All-In-One Printer questions, problems & answers. I went back to check if the program was still there in the add/remove and it was.

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I’m sure I can alter the x driver to work with my x How to make the totally unsupported Lexmark X Work. Bit of a bump to the top – has anyone any new workaround around the new CuPS issue? Exit by clicking the close button on the window and then clicking “Yes”.

It is a nice light duty printer, and as long as I can get ink for it I would like to keep using it. After doing a bunch a digging with just the right phrases, I found this link on the Lexmark site. Hope that helps, and thanks for the great post!

Sometimes you can shut off the computer and printer for 20 min and start it up again. Answered on Jan 14, Hi, thanks this worked perfectly for me! Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions.


Answered on May 22, Anyway, to get around that just execute the script with sudo, e. I was trying to install the script but, there is an error that says the CUPS is not the last version, it needs the 1.

I’ll answer my own question If you can’t get the installer to run by clicking lexmzrk icon, open a terminal and try the following: Now add the printer using the CUPS interface.

Answered on Aug 06, There are a couple threads on the forums about this not always easy to find but the short answer is the installer must be run as root. I’ve been looking for this for over a year now Can anyone shed any light!? Trouble is, I usually have it connected to a laptop that serves as a print server. Answered on Sep 07, Download the debian drivers from the lexmark website here http: Maybe even more than the printing.

I get through the setup until it asks for root password. Below the Flat Bed Scanner Glass!!!!

How to make the totally unsupported Lexmark X Work [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I found the x link just by filtering for that not also OS http: Answered on Jun 01, Answered on Sep 02, I’ve been trying forever to get my damn Lexmark X working with Ubuntu and add-ins this solution I finally got it to work! Recent Popular Answered Unanswered.


Try to print again. Navigate to the folder where your extracted download is cd Downloads, or wherever your lexmark-inkjet Posted on Jul 04, Be the first to answer.

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Can you please provide me some informations about what should i do exactly in here. If anyone can help me out with this, that would be awesome. This helped a lot! Any printjobs are canceled. Or you can get the sledge hammer and smash the stupid printer before it sucks up your life savings and vow never to buy from a company that profits from causing problems that lexmadk tell you can only be solved by using more of their overpriced solutions.

The trouble is that it’s looking for the ‘root’ password, and I’m guessing you’re using an OS that uses sudo instead of root, right? The scanner should work as well, although only from the computer not from the scanner button on the printer. I had to change the sudo password. Your printer will then print a page forcing ink through the cartridge nozzles and clean them.