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However, the Penal Code states that it shall be punishable with imprisonment from one month coontrato one year for a worker who has exercised violence against another to compel him to take part in a strike.

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Wage negotiations or those relating to economic conditions of the work performed, shall be subject to the rules set contrqto by the budget law and the guidelines that determined its construction. The decisions are adopted by the Council with the majority of two thirds.

It is presumed, in the absence of proof to the contrary, that dismissal of a female worker is carried out on the grounds of maternity or pregnancy if it took place within seven and a half months before or after confinement, lej and when the woman has fulfilled her obligation to notify and prove, through certification, the fact that she is pregnant and, if applicable, the birth of the child.

When a labour dispute contrqto between the stakeholders and no solution is reached among them, any of the parties shall inform the administrative authority about the conflict in order to start the compulsory procedure of conciliation.

For public sector workers: As there may only be one trade union with trade union status at each bargaining level, the general representativity dsl apply: In establishments with more than one shift, there will be will be a delegates in turn, at least. There is no legally prescribed time limit for the submission of this notice. Health and hospital services; production and distribution of drinking water; electricity and gas; and air traffic control are considered as essential services.


In those companies, the employer is only required to give an advance notice of one month to the employee, regardless of the length of service art. Employee delegates, internal committees and similar bodies may be established in the workplaces tdabajo appropriate, at the headquarters of the company or institutions. Ten days later, the agreement will be published.

The parties hrabajo obliged to negotiate in good faith.

Where a conflict that arises has no solution between the parties, either party shall, before resorting to direct action, communicate to the administrative authority, to formalize procedures of compulsory conciliation.

Conflicts of interest are within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour trqbajo Social Security. Notice requirements must however be observed.

Less than 50 members. Dr under ‘Contract of employment: In all cases the representatives must have a minimum length of membership of one 1 year: Voluntary arbitration is foreseen in Art.

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However, the scope of this database focuses on tripartite social dialogue carried out at national level. Mandatory conciliation is foreseen in Art. ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations.

In case both parties accept it, arbitration awards are legally binding for the parties. Constitutional provisions giving effect to trrabajo of association and collective bargaining rights: National Wage Council Consejo del Salario. Such standards will serve to set programmes aimed at turning those informal activities into productive ones, improving their productivity and economic management; and to new initiatives leading to job creation.

It is an advisory body to the technical secretariat of the Presidency of Argentina, and has tripartite representation. Inactive for almost a decade and convened again in through Decree no. No Preliminary mandatory conciliation: Workers have the following rights: However, as arbitration is voluntary any of the parties could refuse it.

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Argentina – 2015

Prior consultations with trade unions workers’ representatives: When a union representative consists of three or more employees, it will operate as a referee body. Public sector Law No.

The enforcement authority shall be empowered to order the holding of hearings leh deemed necessary to reach an agreement. Trabauo of all social, technical, professional, sporting, cultural and neighborhood associations at national level. She must also be guaranteed stability of employment, which will constitute an acquired right from the date on which she notifies her employer of the fact that she is pregnant art.

Employment protection legislation database – EPLex

The most representative federations and confederations, acquire legal personality under the conditions of Article Maximum probationary trial period: The responsibilities of the Minimum Wage Council are: Notwithstanding agreements made in collective labor agreements, employers will be required to: The court declared that the provision, which created a monopoly in the representation of collective interests was contrary to the freedom of association.

Social partners that are signatory to the agreement initiate the process. The Law does not stipulate limitations as to the reasons for concluding a contract for a specified period. It counts on five members with tenure and five substitutes who shall be named by the government; four of them at the proposal of the business councils, the two central unions, the national interuniversity council and the federation of lawyers associations.

If the parties reach an agreement, they will notify the Ministry of Labour, who shall in turn within 10 days, either authorise the agreement or reject it by means of a substantiated decision.