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No image available January Atalaya.

Abril 2012

We are all mortal. It is my testimony that many of the deepest regrets of tomorrow can be prevented by following the Savior today. Do we listen to beautiful music waiting for the final note to fade before we allow ourselves to truly enjoy it? Check local program listings for availability in your area, or visit broadcastinfo. He has paid the price that He might know how to succor you.

Atonement Jesus Christ plan of salvation Sabbath All topics Life is not meant to be appreciated only in retrospect. For days I quit praying; I quit planning; I cried. Both apps are designed exclusively for tablets and will be available later this month. He knows things about us that we do not know ourselves.

Be the SNI our reporting. So when these people were asked about their regrets, they opened their hearts.

My dear brothers and sisters, dear friends, we must begin to walk that eternal path octubrre we cannot take for granted one single day. My dear brothers and sisters, my dear friends!

In the process, we remember many sweet moments that give warmth to our souls and joy to our hearts. Resolve to find happiness, regardless of our circumstances. No image available June Atalaya.


Article Highlights Open House: So many of you are first- or second-generation members of the Church. However, occasionally I think we should be a bit more competitive. They know when we are in pain or suffering in any way. No image available August In Yaotlapixqui. Procure maneiras de ajudar os membros novos ou os menos ativos a sentirem-se bem-vindos a sua aula. The conference issues likewise have interactive features, including the ability to listen to or watch the speakers delivering their conference addresses.

In Praise of Those Who Save. The apps include a user survey that invites feedback; that feedback will be considered as the Church Priesthood Department continues to develop tablet offerings. We have studied them in the scriptures, we have discussed them in Sunday School, and we have heard them from the pulpit many times.

In a priesthood leadership conference on April 14, Elder Bednar reminded leaders that the doctrines of the Church are true, simple, and unchanging.

Procure compreender os alunos. However, I believe that we are not headed in the right direction, individually and as a society, when we connect with family or friends mostly by reposting humorous pictures, forwarding trivial things, or linking our loved ones to sites on the Internet.

No image available October Atalaya. No image available August Liahona. It is the path to our best and happiest self.

Years later my husband and I knelt by the side of our year-old daughter and pleaded for her life. Perhaps the most universal regret dying patients expressed was that they wished they had spent more time with the people they love. No image available January In Yaotlapixqui.


No image available June Liahona. The apps offer a more interactive—even immersive—magazine experience; for instance, users can read the magazine while listening to an audio file of the same text. As we reach the home stretch here, and in case you go into labor any minute now! No image available August General Conference April Whatever sin kctubre weakness or pain or struggle or trial you are kiahona through, He knows and understands those very moments. Wide Awake to Our Duties. We have a number of precious years which, in the eternal perspective, barely amount to the blink of an eye.

And Elder Jeffrey R. As I continued on my knees to pour out my heart, the sweetest, most peaceful, loving feeling came over me. Being so liahoja to that final day of mortality often gives clarity to thought and provides insight and perspective.

The Lord Has Not Forgotten You – By Linda S. Reeves

He knew the infinite value of the people He met. One day we will look back at our lives and wonder if we could have been better, made better decisions, or used our time more wisely. The apps feature content from the OctoberNovemberand May magazines. We hope you enjoy the information of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and rejoice with the songs posted.