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Bilateral nasolabial cysts associated with recurrent dacryocystitis. Nasolabial cysts are rare, nonodontogenic, soft-tissue, developmental cysts occurring inferior to the nasal alar region. They are thought to arise from remnants of the nasolacrimal ducts and they are frequently asymptomatic. We report a rare case of bilateral nasolabial cysts accompanied by bilateral chronic dacryocystitis.

A year-old woman suffering from bilateral chronic dacryocystitis was referred to our department for endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy. She had undergone external dacryocystorhinostomy on the left side a few years earlier.

Physical examination and computed tomography scan revealed nasolabial cysts bilaterally inferior to the nasal alar region. The cysts were removed via a sublabial approach and endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy was performed on the right side. Ten months after surgery, the patient was asymptomatic. There may be a correlation, due to embryological reasons, between the presence of nasolabial cysts and the presence of chronic dacryocystitis.

Both can be corrected surgically, under the same anaesthesia, without visible scar formation.

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Bilateral nasolabial cysts – case report and review of literature. Nasolabial cyst is a non-odontogenic, extraosseous, soft tissue cyst, commonly unilateral, located in the nasolabial fold.

Bilateral nasolabial cysts are mioufncional rare occurrence. This case report describes the multimodality imaging appearance of bilateral nasolabial cysts with a review of literature. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Lip reconstruction following resection for tumour or following extensive trauma may pose a challenge.

This is more so when the resection is total and a complete lip has to be constructed. We present a case of lip reconstruction following a total resection of the upper lip. The miovuncional used in this case was a combination of bilateral nasolabial flaps with a submental flap and buccal mucosal graft lining. We believe that this provides an alternative method of total upper lip reconstruction with minimal disruption of the facial aesthesis. Estava em uso de gabapentina 1. Ceratite bilateral por Acanthamoeba: Acanthamoeba keratitis is a severe ocular infection which even with recent progress in diagnosis and treatment still causes long morbidity and loss of visual acuity.

We describe a case of bilateral Acanthamoeba miofuniconal in a user of contact lenses, which is the first case discussed in Brazilian literature. In this case report we present the neuroimaging findings and clinical features of two patients with a bilateral perisylvian syndrome not related to malformations, but probably to ischemic etiology.

Evaluations including history, general and neurologic examinations, electroencephalograms, and imaging data were reviewed as recent literature about the subject. A grande maioria desses casos ocorre unilateralmente. Inferior shoulder dislocation luxactio erecta is a rare lesion affecting approximately 0.

The vast majority of these cases occur unilaterally. In Septembera 43 year old man was brought to the emergency room of the Mifuncional Hospital of Santa Maria HUSM complaining of bilateral shoulder pain and inability to lower the arms, as a result of a fall with the arms abducted, while carrying out work activities. After physical examination and radiological exams, it was found that the patient had a bilateral inferior shoulder dislocation.


He was referred to the surgical ward and after intravenous sedation, both shoulders were reduced by closed reduction using the traction-countertraction maneuver. The patient was discharged the day after the reduction. Both arms were immobilized with a velpeau sling in total adduction and intrarotation, with instructions to maintain immobilization for three weeks.

Retinoblastoma bilateral de aparecimento tardio: O olho direito evoluiu normal por dez anos. Foi feita termoterapia transpupilar, com laser lobro diodo de nm. A case of retinoblastoma with uncommon features is reported, aiming at improving follow-up. A retinal tumor was detected.

The patient had a family history of retinoblastoma. Enucleation was performed and retinoblastoma was proved.

El pupitre de Pilu » Material para trabajar con alumnado con dificultades en el lenguaje.

Nasolabial angle is the angle that is measured between points columella, subnasale and labiale superius. The reference values vary from 90 to degrees the mean value is In some disorders, nasolabial angle might change.

This influences the facial profile. One of such deformities are clefts. The nasolabial angle might be decreased in cleft patients due to deformation of the nose and upper lip that might be caused by the reconstructive surgical procedures performed.

Material para trabajar con alumnado con dificultades en el lenguaje.

The aim of the study was to compare the nasolabial angle between the groups of patients with total clefts of the lip, alveolar bone and palate and healthy individuals. The cephalometric X-rays of patients with clefts 73 boys and 45 girls and healthy individuals 32 boys and 69 girls were taken into account to measure nasolabial angle and compared. In patients with cleft deformities, the nasolabial angle values were smaller than in healthy individuals.

The angle is smaller in groups of girls when compared to boys. Nasolabial angle in patients with total clefts of lip, alveolar bone and palate is statistically smaller than in healthy individuals. The orthodontic treatment should be individualized. Brown’s syndrome is characterized by a limitation of elevation in adduction, slight or normal limitation of elevation in abduction, divergence in straight upgaze V-pattern, intorsion in upgaze and positive forced duction.

It is caused by a tight or inelastic superior oblique tendon. Benign joint hypermobility is a hereditary disease of the connective tissue characterized by an increase of mobility in diverse joints. Bilateral perisylvian syndrome not related to malformations: Full Text Available In this case report we present the neuroimaging findings and clinical features of two patients with a bilateral perisylvian syndrome not related to malformations, but probably to ischemic etiology.

Orbital fat prolapse is an uncommon benign entity that can cause esthetic defects. The authors present a year-old patient with bilateral temporal orbital fat prolapse associated with a bilateral nasal pterygium. Clinical and surgical features are described. The clinical, imaging and histopathological diagnoses are discussed. The authors present a rare case of acute bilateral dacryoadenitis in association with infectious mononucleosis. A 27 year-old woman had acute bilateral lacrimal gland enlargement with inflammatory signs.

The CT scan findings and laboratorial investigations confirmed the diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis. The systemic treatment with intravenous steroids was initiated leading to complete remission of the signs and symptoms. Dacryoadenitis is an uncommon manifestation of infectious mononucleosis and may minimize other signs of the disease. Mononucleosis has to be considered in acute dacryoadenitis cases. Systemic steroids contribute to the fast regression of inflammatory condition.


To describe a case of bilateral cicatrizing keratoconjunctivitis in a patient with lichen planus and review the literature. Conjunctiva cicatrization with symblepharon formation, dry eye, corneal infiltration and neovascularization and thinning were the most observed prominent signs.

Diagnosis was based on clinical findings and biopsy, after exclusion of typical causes of cicatricial keratoconjuntivitis. Bilateral peri-renal lymphangioma – a case report and review of literature; Linfangioma perirrenal bilateral – relato de um caso e revisao bibliografica.

Lymphangioma are rare benign lesions and it is difficult to state whether they are true neoplasm, hamartomas or lymphangiectasias. They are most commonly seen in children and occur in regions of the neck and axilla. They increase in size both by proliferation and by the collection of fluid, thus forming cysts.

The authors report a case of a year-old man, who presented abdominal swelling, a palpable mass in both flanks and polycythemia. Abdominal sonography, kidney arteriograpy, CT scan and MRI have shown multiple cysts bilaterally surrounding the kidneys without either parenchymal or functional involvement. During surgery several intercommunicating cysts were found surrounding both kidneys.

Biopsies were taken from the perirenal fat, the wall of the cysts and the kidney. The histologic diagnosis was cystic lymphangioma.

Full Text ,iofuncional Objetivo: A acuidade visual apresentou melhora em ambos os olhos, principalmente no olho direito. Nasolabial Cyst Associated with Odontogenic Infection. Full Text Available The nasolabial cyst or Klestadt cyst is a relatively uncommon nonodontogenic cyst that develops in the nasal alar region; it has uncertain pathogenesis.

This lesion has slow growth and variable dimensions and is characterized clinically by a floating tumefaction in the nasolabial fold area around the bridge of the nose, causing an elevation of the upper lip and relative facial asymmetry. Diagnosis is primarily made clinically; if necessary, this is complemented by imaging.

This paper reports the case of a year-old male patient who complained of pain in the right upper premolar region and poor aesthetics due to a firm tumor in the right wing of the nose. Initially, this was thought to be due to an odontogenic abscess; however, the differential diagnosis was that a nasolabial cyst was imofuncional with the apex of teeth 14 and Surgical treatment was carried out, followed by histopathological examination and miofuncuonal endodontic treatment of the teeth involved.

The nasolabial cyst or Klestadt cyst is a relatively uncommon nonodontogenic cyst that develops in the nasal alar region; it has uncertain pathogenesis. Preferred nasolabial angle in Middle Eastern population. To define the preferred nasolabial angle measurement in Middle Eastern population. Male raters preferred the angle of While female raters preferred the angle of ANOVA test compare means among groups: The results of our study showed an even more acute angles than degrees found in the literature.

It shows that what young generation in our region prefers and clearly reflects that what could be explained as under rotation of the nasal tip in other cultures is just the ideal for some Middle Eastern population.