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The book omitted title and attribution though we can assume it is a work by Kandinsky in its pages.

Kandinsky ~ Lo Spirituale nell’Arte | Art I Love | Pinterest | Kandinsky, Kandinsky art and Art

But the problem is that he seeks to do this by abstraction, separation. Plus, I found completely stimulating just kandinky reading his description of contrasting colors, their antagonisms and synthesis.

Triangles, circles, squares; reds, yellows, blues—all these were like characters for Kandinsky, with their own personalities and temperaments.

Written by the famous nonobjective painter Wassily Kandinsky —it explains Kandinsky’s own theory of painting and crystallizes the ideas that were influencing many other modern artists of the period. He enrolled at the University of Moscow and chose to study law and economics.

Wassily Kandinsky Lo Spirituale nell’arte

The former can stand on their own, but the latter are meaningless without boundaries and contrasting shades. I can’t predict spirituzle process will take me, the most I can do is make preparatory drawings as points of departure. Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky was a Russian painter, and Art theorist. And here is where we need a debate to start, and artistic action around that debate.

It is here that my criticism of Kandinsky takes effect. Wink argues that we must reject the dualistic idea of Heaven being separate from Earth. The art world’s Verne! Kandinsky’s little book provides a crucial intellectual stepping stone.

View all 4 comments. The book omitted title and attribution though we can assume it is a work by Kandinsky in …more The cover painting certainly is difficult to track down.


It currently resides in the Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg.

Dense and could be a better translation, I think. Apparently while yellow warmly moves, blue is coldly inert, the former expressing a bodily experience, the latter spiritual. And the bottom line?

Concerning the Spiritual in Art

Incredibly lucid and articulate, Kandinsky leads the reader to move past an intellectual appreciation of art: It was a fast read and interesting so it was worth my time to read this one. And for this reason it is necessary for the artist to know the starting point for the exercise of his spirit.

He spirtuale was influenced by German idealistic philosophy, adhered to the position of antipositivism. Quite successful in his profession—he was offered a professorship chair of Roman Law at the University of Dorpat—he started painti Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky was a Russian painter, and Art theorist.

Along with his own groundbreaking paintings, this book had a tremendous impact on the development of modern art. We have lived through a century of dying and dead “modern” art.

In any composition the material side may be more or less omitted in proportion as the forms used are more or less material, and for them substituted kahdinsky abstractions, or largely dematerialised objects. At the apex of the top segment stands often one man, and only one.

All I can do is write what I see.

To Kandinsky, Art’s function is to reveal the spiritual. He faults cubism as too intellectual and spiritually lacking, as opposed to inspired abstractions. A Baha’i pamphlet with kandinskyy title was published in the ‘s. How strange, then, that Kandkindy is seen as a progenitor oo “modern” art and its seamless, to my eye, drift into the incohate abstractions of postmodernity.

As every word spoken rouses an inner vibration, so likewise does every object represented.

It is to reveal the spiritual and make it visible anew “towards the close of our already dying epoch” p. If only we saw more awareness in the world of the importance of not confusing categories of thought between scientific evidence and artistic perception. The more an artist uses these abstracted forms, the deeper and more confidently will he advance into the kingdom of the abstract.


Kandinsky depicts the life of the spirit as a triangle, forever moving gently upwards, or rather, forever moved upwards by artists—the misunderstood souls—who forge the way for the rest of us.

Kandinsky ~ Lo Spirituale nell’Arte | paintings | Pinterest | Kandinsky art, Kandinsky and Art

Spitituale academic discipline, he explains the effects of color and form on the very non-academic soul. The way he was able to select forms reminiscent of, but not dependent on, real-life objects delighted my eye. Aug 27, Lisa rated it it was ok Shelves: The material of which his art was composed was drawn from the huge stores of actual nature.

In some kajdinsky I enjoyed the two rather lengthy introductions to the book not by Kandinsky himself — which put his career and ideas in a historical perspective — more than the book itself. Kandinsky’s aim to reveal the spiritual was laudable. He is an artist who is completely “in tune” with all aspects of creativity. Vau rated it it was amazing. Published June 1st by Dover Publications first published The spectator is too ready to look for a meaning in a picture- i.

Quite successful in his profession—he was offered a professorship chair of Roman Law at the University of Dorpat—he started painting studies life-drawing, sketching and anatomy at the age of