LYSAGHT® BONDEK® II. Design and Construction Guide. Structural Steel Decking for Composite. Concrete Slabs. BONDEK. ®. II. LYSAGHT BONDEK® profiled steel decking is a highly efficient, versatile and robust formwork, reinforcement and ceiling system for concrete slabs. It is a profile. Microsoft excel®-based software for the design of composite concrete slabs with LYSAGHT BONDEK structural decking. It is suitable for steel frame construction.

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It is also working on the Portside Wharf development at Hamilton in Brisbane, a Multiplex project, which will give Brisbane its first major terminal for cruise lines. Over nearly 20 years it has completed a succession of large commercial and retail projects in Sydney and, more recently, Brisbane.

Steel formwork requires less propping than traditional ply formwork, and there is no stripping, which reduces material handling on site, leading to faster installation and reduced cycle times.

In our case it has allowed us to expand our offering to builders so that we fabricate and stand the steel frame and then supply, lay out and secure the steel formwork for large slabs which will support car parking and retail areas. On a project such as Riverlink we need to get in and do our work so that the following trades can get on with their jobs and keep the building program on schedule. You need a formwork system which makes it easy to cover large areas day after day.

You just have to recognise the other advantages such as speed and cost and apply them to jobs on which you are quoting.


We are dealing with 30, square metres of suspended slab which is a very large area.

It is a highly regarded formwork product offering efficiency and speed of construction. Technical Information You can find detailed technical information for this product on Lysaght Professionals. It delivers excellent lysxght and is backed by a BlueScope Steel warranty and nationwide technical support. There will also be car parking for 2, vehicles.

Renee Tan pointed out that at any one time three stages of the formwork activity are underway at different parts of the slab. Make an Enquiry Online. That requires co-ordination and total confidence in your supplier, in this case BlueScope Lysaght.

The work requires 30, square metres of 0. Alltype recently completed work on a shopping centre redevelopment project at Morayfield, also a Leda Developments project.

By that I mean systems which deliver the best quality results in the minimum amount of time and are also cost effective. Bonfek it is one of Formbrace’s largest projects in Queensland. The sheets are 8.

Quality Not Sacrificed for Speed as Riverlink Opts for LYSAGHT BONDEK® | Lysaght

The Ipswich Riverlink site is located at the northern edge of the Ipswich central business district, less than an hour’s drive west of Brisbane. Formbrace, which has major offices in Sydney and Brisbane, has a formidable reputation to protect.

Peter Jakubenko estimated that even his inexperienced crew could lay out and secure the structural steel decking for which he had contracted at Riverlink in just six weeks. At 57, square metres, the Leda Developments project will be almost identical in size to the original Logan Hyperdome, which was also built by Leda. Pricing Pricing for all our products varies based on availability and quantity.


Find Recommended Suppliers and Installers Enter your suburb or postcode to find suppliers and installers in your area: Excellent spanning capacities for bonndek strength and less deflection Acts as a permanent formwork Works as composite slab saving on concrete and reinforcement costs Features slip free embossments and ribs at mm centres meaning a safe work platform. The Riverlink Shopping Centre will provide a new retail focus for an area which bondfk previously lost out to surrounding centres.


We are using 1. Because of that we are making every effort to ensure that the result is one with which the developer, the tenants and we are completely satisfied.

The new centre will feature an elevated food court overlooking the Bremer River. Scheduled for completion in earlyit will ltsaght a capacity of 60, people, making it the third-largest stadium in Australia after the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Stadium Australia in Sydney.

With that kind of layout you can’t afford to have any delays. Riverlink will provide premises for tenants including Coles, Bi-Lo, Kmart, Target, bulky goods retailers and brand direct outlets.

The Riverlink Shopping Centre will provide a new retail focus for an area which has previously lost out to surrounding centres. A multi-purpose venue capable of hosting AFL, rugby league and union, soccer, cricket and entertainment events, Perth Stadium bpndek primarily be used for Australian Rules football and cricket. We just call BlueScope Lysaght and they deliver enough product so that we can get on with our work without cluttering up the building site.

Travelators will move shoppers to and from the centre.