This manual is published for the information and government of the Regular Army and Organized Militia of the United States. By order of the Secretary of War. Rifle, Caliber MA3 contract for , rifles was for- years was accomplished with the by the U.S. Army on May mally established in June This manual differs from TM , Ordnance Maintenance: Rifles, U. S., cal, , Still later, the Rifle MA3 was modified by removing front and rear sight.

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Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Hold bolt in left hand fig. Barrel, bolt and action modifications and tuning! One gage has eight spaces between the rejection line for machine gun barrels and the rejection line for rifle barrels.

03 M MA3 03A3 MA4 TM Army Technical Manual | eBay

Keep the drill well oiled. Large numbers of ’03s were also used for training purposes. Care should be taken that linseed oil does not get into the mechanism or on metal parts, as it will become gummy when dry. Mount Base Rifle MA4.

Ships from and sold by Amazon. Press rear end of floor plate forward and inward manial the same time, forcing floor plate into its seat in trigger guard. If parts are broken or spring is weak, assembly should be replaced. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Great care should be used when removing oil and grease from the telescopic sight used on the Rifle MA4.

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Check for loose or missing front sight screw. Rock Island experienced some delays, but the rifles were soon flowing from Springfield’s assembly line. This bayonet has wooden grips and a single edged, inch blade. If other parts of the sight assembly other than manuall or screws are damaged, the rear sight assembly should be replaced.


Manula is manula to note that the MA4 sniper rifle saw combat use as late as the Vietnam War and Technical Manuals for them were printed as late as – almost seven decades after the ’03 was adopted! The war revealed the Krag’s deficiencies and the advantages of the Mauser, which resulted in a reconsideration of the U. Assemble front sight curved edge forward and drive in front sight pm securely.

The fixed stud is supplied as a component of the barrel assembly. Check barrel guard ring for deformation or burs.

It was soon apparent that their combined production would be insufficient to arm the rapidly expanding armed forces. Drive rear sight slide cap very gently to left out of mortise in rear sight slide.

The front sight group must be removed before the band can be removed from the barrel of the M A3. Inspect lower band for worn or burred threads on lower band screw mnaual broken or bent lower band swiveL End of screw is expanded to prevent loss, on Rifles M A3 and MA4and should not be removed except for repairs or replace- ments. If mount base is removed or replaced, the sight should be checked for vertical alinement with the bore in a similar manner.

The barrel bed or the extreme forward end of the stock upon which the upper or bayonet stud band is assembled is manuwl most critical point. Remove front and rear guard screws and trigger guard group fig. Mankal swivel in the Rifle M is of round wire, arid the lower band is grooved for reinforcement 5 Trigger Guard Magazine Assembly fig. Foley was using the M73B1 telescopic site The Springfield. K1903a3 barrel guard in same manner as hand guard in subparagraph g, above, and for retention in barrel guard ring on barrel.

Do not replace the bayonet in the scabbard.

Full text of “Ordnance maintenance : U.S. rifles, cal. , M, MA1, MA3 and MA4”

Remove upper band screw Rifles M and MA1 and drive upper band forward by a few short blows on the lug with a hard wood block. It has been found that excess oil on the working parts will solidify to such an extent as to cause sluggish operation or complete failure.


Some Rifles M and MA1 are without the bolt stop assembly par. Check hooks for deformation, pinching, and burs.

These parts are listed in SNL B-3, and symbols are used to indicate whether they are supplied for replace- ment purposes to the using arms, ordnance maintenance companies, field service shops, or other ordnance establishments.

Inspect scabbard as a unit for appear- ance, general condition, amnual and retention on bayonfet, ease of bayonet withdrawal, and looseness of components.

Care must be taken to insure that drift slide pin is in groove in slide cap before assembling cap and slide.

With the left hand, grasp rear of bolt, handle up, and turn extrac- tor collar with thumb and forefinger of right hand until its lug is on a line with the safety lug on bolt. See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab Striker, If striker point is worn or broken or if joint tips are broken, it should be replaced f.

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The mount rings should be removed and the sight thoroughly cleaned with clean, dry wiping cloths. The sight is furnished in five heights, from 0.

Replace upper band and establish center of new hole for upper band screw so that there will be a perceptible movement of the barrel when the upper band is assembled on the gun.