Lost and Found: The Boy Who Played Swami in ‘Malgudi Days’ Manjunath with RK Laxman (L); scene from Swami and Friends (Photo. This page guide for “Swami and Friends” by RK Narayan includes detailed The arrival of Rajam, who is the son of Malgudi’s new police superintendent. Swami And Friends By R. K. Narayan Online. I enjoyed reading this book after reading this book, I bought “Malgudi days” and “The guide” of the great story .

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The novel is full of humor and irony. Seems like Rohit did not pursue acting after Malgudi Days since not much is known about him. Also, he himself sometimes gets irritated by the way his family scolds him. He is a liar amd does not hesitate telling lies to his father. During the enmity, Swami acted as a middleman in delivering the pieces of chats to each other.

For Swami, she will still beautiful because she continued to love him. Muni misunderstands an offer for his goats is reluctant but when the American offers a hundred rupees, Muni relents. Seth suspects a thief, he sets up a trap to reveal frienxs the shop is overrun with rats.

His father gives him a sum to solve. He gets irritated by his family members as he feels he is not given much rays. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

Episode List

How swamk grows up, his mischiefs which made his family irritated, his wonder, growing pains and innocence and many aspects are being portrayed in the novel. Srinivasan, even though he was a bit rude to him he has always been his soft corner.


His parents hardly afford to pay his schooling expenses. One of the most blazing thing that could be found in the novel is the similarity of children throughout the world. Narasimhan with Anant Nag as the lead actor. Rajam is very sincere in academics. The teacher pinched Swami on his left ear for putting forward his question. These four friends shared everything with each other and were united until Swami made friendship with Rajat.

This is the reason why Swami hates doing arithmetics.

Everyone can relate R. He was unbearable to his mother. Swami had a lot of friends but he limited himself to Rajam and Mani. Also, holidays are heaven on earth during those days.

Malgudi Days RK Laxman.

Malgudi Days (TV series) – Wikipedia

He is superstitious and believes in ghost. In the initial trenches of the story, his younger brother was born. So, he asked his father if he could lend his room, full of books and reading materials. Retrieved 28 August Mani always sits on the last bench of the class.

After her death, Swami notes that his grandma never stopped loving him.

Swami and Friends – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He likes to spend his time doing nothing. Thanappa a mailman, intensionally delays a frienes for saving a marriage. There were times when his mother thought of giving up on him. She used to wake him up during the school days and prepare breakfast dayys him. While shaking off the dust from his books, the way he banged the books shows his exasperation. She kissed him on the forehead before they got separated.


Apparently, Rajam justifies everything with a concrete reason.

This shows his love towards pet animals. He describes her as a good friend of his. Swamy’s life takes a turn due to his as his school’s principal catches him participating in a protest.

Leela lost her necklace and after few maalgudi it was found in a jar in the kitchen. Swamy gets a pleasant surprise while the exams are approaching, meanwhile the relationship between his friends take a new turn.

Remember Malgudi Days? Swami and his friends had a reunion and it’ll make you feel nostalgic

Today, he runs his own PR firm. He lives in Bangalore and has also dabbled in politics. The Bachelor of Arts.

The adventures of a ten year old boy Swami and his friends as they navigate through school, holidays, cricket and family in the s. He scourges Swami for doing arithmetic sums wrong. Swami was not an extraordinary character.